How To Find A Natural Deodorant

With the growing knowledge of antiperspirants containing aluminium an other chemicals which people are trying to avoid, there has been a strong push for natural deodorants. The issue has been around finding the right one, that

has all the natural ingredients you would want and works for an extended period of time as an odour absorber.

So What Am I Avoiding?

A good place to start is not on the ingredients listed, but what isn’t listed. You will definitely want to avoid aluminium, which has been talked about heavily in the media due to the believed connection to a number of diseases.

Research is still being conducted on how closely these are connected, however some have made connections to breast cancer and alzheimer’s due to the way it gets absorbed into the blood. It should be highlighted that when a

deodorant states ‘natural’, it does normally translate to ‘aluminium free’. But doesn’t necessarily mean the other nasty chemicals are removed, so it is worth doing some extra research before you put any on your skin.

The next chemical you want to avoid is parabens, which are used as a preservative in the antiperspirant and will affect your hormones. This is connected to another hormone disrupter you will want to avoid, which is phthalates

(try saying that out loud). This chemical is normally due to the use of a fragrance which is where it is found. Talking of which, one of the biggest things you want to avoid is synthetic fragrances. Fragrance is such a general

term, but can contain plenty of nasty ingredients.

Beyond these, you also want to look out for propylene glycol and triclosan.

Why Activated Charcoal Deodorant?

Activated charcoal is an amazing odour absorber, used in multiple products such as air purifiers, while it’s often spoken about as a far greater alternative to baking soda, which is seen in some natural deodorants. However, it

isn’t just the odour absorption, activated charcoal is amazing at soaking up everything such as gases, bacteria and toxins, therefore it is inevitably great at absorbing sweat.

So No Fragrance?

We’re not saying you can’t have a nice smell when applying your deodorant, but you will want to pick one that has natural essential oils over the generic term ‘fragrance’. Do a little research into what they use to create the

scent. You will want a natural odour neutraliser and conditioners which are non-irritating to the skin.

Cruelty Free?

This is down to personal preference, but we are strongly proud of the fact none of our products are tested on animals and will never be tested on animals. It is something we very strongly disagree with, but unfortunately this

view isn’t mirrored by the rest of the beauty industry. We would like to push you to always check whether a product is cruelty free, regardless of whether you choose us or someone else.

Where Can I Buy A Natural Deodorant?

You can buy our natural deodorants on our website right here, which we sell at the lowest price. Some also opt to purchase on Amazon, however these products are largely online rather than in stores.

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