What Is The Difference Between Activated Carbon & Activated Charcoal?

While there is a difference between carbon and charcoal, the answer is that activated charcoal and activated carbon are the same, as the term is interchangeable and when people refer to activated carbon they are referring to

something which could equally be activated charcoal. Most consumers or commercial brands will use the charcoal term, however carbon is more commonly used by manufacturing businesses.

The product we sell in the teeth whitening powder is 100% natural and uses the highest grade formula with absolutely no fillers, clays or extra nasty ingredients you may find in other brands. This is important, as you need to

know what you are putting in your mouth and we believe in only offering the gold standard, most premium grade of product.

Charcoal is used largely in the home, as well as in your vacuum cleaner, on the barbeque (well, when we manage to get a bit of sun) and to treat water systems. However, the activated version has an increased amount of oxygen

added to the mix. Amazing at removing chemicals and toxins (hence the use in face masks, deodorants and teeth whitening), it has also now replaced many purification systems. You may find it in your fish tank or on a jet plane

air system.

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