A-Z Guide on Treating Under-Eye Dark Circles

A-Z Guide on Treating Under-Eye Dark Circles

We are always being told by everyone around us, ways and means to protect our skin from damage when outside the home be it from harsh weather, the hot sun or pollution. But did you know that you could be harming your skin with

something as basic as taking a shower?

Easy skincare tips for treating dark circles. Here we point out some of the most common errors all of us make while having our daily shower:

Don't make it too hot! We all love a comforting hot bath every once in a while! But be careful, while the scalding water could be good for your nerves, it can be very damaging for the skin. It's better to avoid using extremely

hot water for when you shower, use lukewarm water instead.

The reason is that hot water extracts all the moisture right out of your skin, leaving it parched and dry, which can further result in flaking, itching and tightness.

Not too cold: Those of us who love a cold shower in the morning to awaken the senses... Also need to be careful! Going too cold is not a testament of tolerance levels but in fact can cause damage to your skin by dilating the

blood in the face, causing redness and eventually leading to the thickening of blood vessels causing thread veins, which may not be the most attractive look for you eventually.

So, if not lukewarm, try normal room temperature water, but definitely not cold. To wash or not to wash: One of the trickiest questions while in the shower is whether to wash your face first or last i.e. before or after the deed?

Dr. Soin recommends washing your face post your shower, owing to the fact that by then the pores have opened up due to the steam & soak effect, and which preps the skin up for a more effective cleansing.

Get out already! A long shower after a stressful day might be your idea of getting some ‘me-time’ but spending too long and soaking the day away can leave the skin dry and irritated. Taking long baths or showers may even wash

away the skin’s natural moisture. So save your skin and some water while you're at it and get out of the bath quickly.

Rub a dab dab: While we may take our time in the shower but the minute we come out most of us are in a tearing hurry to get dry and dressed. Dr Soin advises you to take a minute or 5 and pat yourself down gently instead of

rubbing your skin harshly in your hurry as that can leave you with irritated or damaged areas.

Using a soft towel to dab your skin with the pat dry technique instead of rubbing the towel roughly on the skin may work better especially delicate parts like your face.

Moisturise, moisturise, and moisturise! This moisture mantra is essential for everyone’s post shower routine! While bathing the pores in your skin open up thereby making it more receptive to absorb any moisturizing lotion, cream

or serum you apply.

This makes it the best time to use such products for maximum benefit. So, stack up your favourite moisturizer in that bathroom drawer, Pronto!

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