How to Clean Makeup Brushes

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

If you're anything like us, cleaning your makeup brushes can be a daunting task, especially if you're still looking for the right cleaning product for you and your brushes!

We use a range of products and while Fairy Liquid is good it dries out our hands and I personally don't like wearing rubber gloves. There are also some sprays and solutions, which are always good for a quick clean, but won't

give you a squeaky clean brush head.

You may also find that the bristles become dry and brittle when exposed to overly strong cleaning solutions, even if they are brush cleaning grade!

I stumbled upon this discovery one cold Wednesday night a few months ago. I just cleaned up my makeup and found that my makeup brushes are ugly and dirty. I collected them all and went to the bathroom. That's when Procoal's

solid shampoo caught my eye.

I was like, well, it makes my own hair look and feel beautiful. I'm wondering how this will work with my brushes. The rest is history, they say, and I'm already annoyed that I didn't put both and both together sooner!

The scents in the bar are also perfect for your brushes: seaweed, charcoal, lavender, and rose - a special treat to smell when you put on your makeup in the morning!

Here's how to clean makeup brushes with our shampoo soap. We think this technique is a quick and easy way to clean your brushes. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Brush wetting. First, dampen the brush with warm water. Make sure the brush is always pointing down so water doesn't get into the brush and the glue dissolves and the bristles stay in place!

Foam foam. Next, grab the shampoo. The shape and size of the bar is perfect for your hand. Hold it in one hand, and with the other, wave the brush over the surface, creating a lather. You'll find a lot of leftover foundation

and other makeup falling off the brushes!

It's amazing how much product gets washed off the brush with the help of the shampoo's lather. Use the palm of your hand to really get the product out of the brush head.

Rinse and repeat. Rinse the brush with water and massage the bristles to remove any product residue. You can also repeat the previous step until the water runs clear and there is no makeup left!

Dry your brushes. Don't forget to shake the brushes well as this will help them regain their shape quickly and let them dry overnight with the brush heads hanging over the edge so they don't lie flat on one side.

Result!In the morning you'll find your brushes are clean, soft and smell great. Since shea butter helps nourish the bristles and keep them soft, especially in eye makeup brushes, no one wants to be pricked by sharp bristles

while blending eyeshadow!

Essential oils are great for scenting your brushes without being overpowering or irritating. The shampoo itself also removes bacteria and general impurities that build up in our brushes!

A final bonus, the shampoo soap is natural and gentle on the bristles, their consistency won't change in any way, and you'll find your brushes last longer than before!

It's best to wash your makeup brushes every two weeks, as product buildup can cause the bristles to fall off the brush and transfer bacteria to your face and back, creating a bacteria-infested cycle.

If you have problem skin, you may find that washing your makeup brushes regularly doesn't create more breakouts on your skin, especially on areas like your cheeks where you apply bronzer and blush!

With the Shampoo Bar, you can effectively clean your makeup brushes, not only will your brushes be super clean, but it will also help extend their life! All that multitasking is a huge win for us, so why not try it out for

yourself and see how awesome we are!

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