How to DIY Spa Treatments at Home

How to DIY Spa Treatments at Home

It feels like an odd time of year when the Christmas spirit is a distant memory, we've had a year-long January, and spring is peaking in those black rain clouds.

Feeling a little down and needing an afternoon spa treatment is forgiven, but there's a catch... valentine's day... yes, so find a spot at your favorite spa and there It goes a long way... having said that, you can enjoy a

wonderful spa atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Here are some tips and tricks to add a little zen to your bedroom or bathroom.

Choose a room. Whether in the bathroom, bedroom or living room. Choose a room where you feel most comfortable and can truly relax. Yes, admittedly, the bathroom is easier to clean, but lying in bed is super relaxing. Ultimately,

it's really up to you!

Staged. When you walk into a spa it always smells amazing. This is mainly due to the fragrance and candles in the room creating the right ambiance.

Lavender, Chamomile and Eucalyptus – These scents are great choices for the best home spa treatments because they really set the mood. You'll also find that a comfortable robe and slippers add to the feeling of being at home in the spa.

Before embarking on a DIY spa treatment, it's best to sit back and relax with a herbal tea, put your phone away in another room and focus on resting your body and mind in preparation for your treatment.

When life gives you lemons.. Use them to create spa recipes at home! Applying lemon and honey to the under-eye area will eliminate dark circles and is a great natural way to brighten the eye area. You can also rub lemon on your

knees and elbows.

The acid in lemon also helps relieve dry areas of the body. Of course, we can't forget the immense benefits of drinking warm lemon water, which boosts metabolism and energizes the body without added sugar.

Face is steaming. Bring the kettle to a boil and let cool for 5 minutes. Then pour the water into the bowl and add two drops of the essential oil. Lavender is a great choice. Then add the contents of the herbal tea bag, and the

scent of herbs and flowers adds a touch of luxury.

Bend down, cover the bowl with the mixture, and place a towel over your head. The steam in the water opens the pores and drains the skin, preparing it for other treatments to follow. You can easily enjoy a facial at home and see

visible results. Don't forget to alternate the essential oils and herbal teas you use.

Get your blender. Definitely makes a delicious green smoothie, but I actually want to make my own facial spa at home using your blender. Add some cold cream, yogurt, honey, avocado, and aloe vera gel, mix together to form a

smooth mask, and apply to the skin.

Wait for it to dry and rinse with warm water. For an at-home deep cleansing facial, be sure to apply a mask after your facial steam to allow the ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin.

You can also use the mixture to make an egg and avocado hair mask at home, which is great for moisturizing your hair without making it heavy and greasy. However, if you don't want to create your own recipe, we highly recommend

trying our Hydrating Mask.

Bath. I know this may seem a little obvious, but if you take a tub full of Epsom salts, lather, and a host of other lotions and potions, you'll have a body spa at home. Similar to a facial steam, a warm bath opens up your pores,

so anything you put on your body afterwards will work faster too. Let's not forget how wonderful a relaxing bath can be too.

Start scrubbing. It might be an old wives' tale, but I think it works. Take some coffee granules (the same ones you use in your morning coffee) and mix them with some softened brown sugar. You've got a body exfoliation that

doesn't chafe the skin, also fights cellulite, empowers the body, and benefits blood circulation. It also removes dead skin cells or debris, leaving skin looking flawless and radiant.

Heat things up. Refreshing body lotion by placing it on the radiator before bathing. This means that it can be applied to the whole body in an extremely beneficial way and, thanks to the warming effect, provides a spa-like feeling at home.

Here you have several options to enjoy the best spa treatments at home without breaking the bank and give you that relaxing spa feeling in your living room! The perfect cheer for the seasonal chaos we're currently going through.

If you try these, you'll be well prepared for the start of spring.

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