How to Have Flawless Skin on Your Wedding Day

How to Have Flawless Skin on Your Wedding Day

Our favorite time of year is upon us: wedding season! We just love being immersed in the world of ivory, lace, ornaments and rose petals. Congratulations to you on your upcoming big day!

Second: Breathe... everything will go perfectly, we all know what happens when we are stressed: our skin is the first to suffer! That's why we want to give you some tips on how to have flawless skin on your wedding day!

1. Start from the inside: Your face is often a sign of what's going on inside! Depending on where your blemish is coming from, you'll see which organ or area needs help or fondling. For example, spots on the cheeks are

associated with the lungs and airways. Spots on the forehead are related to the liver. In other words, the last cocktail that drove you crazy on Saturday is haunting you again in the form of a blemish!

Use this to your advantage and focus on making sure everything you put in your body is good for your skin! If you cut down on alcohol and smoking and eat more vegetables and multivitamins, you won't necessarily notice a big

difference at first. However, if after three weeks you find yourself extra prone to breakouts, your skin will be clearer and more radiant!

Second exercise: It might seem cliché that you should start exercising before you get married. However, this tip has nothing to do with whether your wedding dress fits or not, we're talking about how exercise can do wonders for your skin!

Remember: the more active you are, the more oxygen your body takes in and delivers to your blood cells. This will leave your skin looking radiant, and in some cases even plumper, and fine lines less noticeable!

We don't expect you to be a crazy marathon runner, but with tons of videos on YouTube and Instagram, training from the comfort of your own home has never been easier! 30 minutes a day will change your skin and the way you think! So, go plank!

3. A new addition to your skincare routine: It can be very tempting to try a product that you see everywhere that claims to give great results. Temptation can be a little too much, we're not here to discourage you, the only

advice we can give is to try the product 6 weeks before the big day! This gives you enough time to experiment, and if your skin doesn't like it, it still has enough time to completely calm and regenerate.

4. Add a Facial: With the above in mind, changing up your skincare routine might not be the best idea in the world, but adding some pampering facials might be just what your skin is craving!

Depending on your budget etc, it's a good idea to book at least one custom facial before the big day (usually a few days before) to keep your skin looking incredibly radiant!

Your therapist can tailor a facial to you and your skin to help restore balance and rejuvenate the skin. Not to mention how easy it is! Choose a therapist that you've worked with and are comfortable with, so you can rest assured

that the treatment will benefit your skin and cause no adverse reactions!

5. Keep it simple: If reading these tips has you thinking "I don't even have a daily skincare routine," then maybe it's time to add something to help your skin look its best. There's no need to wrap your head around the idea,

and make adding things like a scrub or mask simple.

Our Purifying Charcoal Detox Mask is a great treatment to rid the skin of all the toxins, impurities and pollution absorbed throughout the day! Since this mask takes effect in just 10 minutes, if you haven't really gotten used

to your daily mask yet but want to add a little radiance to your wedding day, this mask is an easy addition for you! 6. Beauty sleep: We seem to talk a lot about beauty sleep, but we just can't get enough of it. The sleeping pattern has the added benefit of helping to get rid of bags under the eyes! Yes, sleeping on your back can reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes because gravity stops fluid and blood from flowing to your eye area. This means that the size of the lower tear sac becomes smaller and dark circles become lighter. Don't you believe us? Try it yourself! 7. Find the right makeup artist Wedding makeup is big business, and it can feel overwhelming considering the variety of makeup artists available. Remember to take your time. Don't rush to find a makeup artist and make as many trial appointments as possible. Your bridal makeup will last a lifetime. So, take your time and go to someone you fully trust and who understands the briefing you have given us. 8. smile That last piece of advice might make some of you roll your eyes. But there's nothing worse than a grumpy bride! If you think about it, you spent a fortune on the day and the photographer caught you looking a little our final advice: Smile, smile until your cheeks ache! This alone will make you look flawless and stunning! I hope these tips help you prepare for your big day! All the staff at Procoal wish you all the best for the future!

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