Niacinamide and Vitamin C: Which Comes First?

When it comes to real beauty products, niacinamide and vitamin C top the list. Each ingredient delivers an impressive array of benefits to deliver unique and dramatic results on the skin.

One small problem: There is a lot of misconception about taking vitamin C and niacinamide at the same time. While it's a bit complicated to do, some formulas work and some can cause problems.

This is because these two powerful ingredients are incompatible and often compete with each other, rendering each other completely useless.

If you're not sure what I mean, read our dedicated blog post on using niacinamide and vitamin C together. For today's article, we'll take a closer look at which came first: niacinamide or vitamin C?

Can I use Vitamin C after taking Niacinamide?

Yes, you can, but only if the ingredients are used correctly. What I mean is that you need to allow enough time between using these powerful energy sources to ensure that the skin is not overloaded.

In general, it is recommended to leave the skin on for about 15 minutes to give each ingredient enough time to penetrate the skin and prepare it for the next. If you are concerned about possible side effects, you can alternate

niacinamide and vitamin C.

Because of its antioxidant properties to fight free radical damage, I recommend vitamin C in the morning followed by niacinamide in the evening. In what order should I take Niacinamide? It depends on the product you choose that

contains niacinamide.

Not surprisingly, the order in which you apply your skincare products can affect the strength and effectiveness of the formulas and active ingredients that work on your skin. The easiest way to remember the correct way is to

apply skin care products in order of consistency from the thinnest to the thickest.

Here's an example of what they would look like if you used them in your everyday life. When it comes to niacinamide, you'll often find it a common ingredient in products like serums, moisturizers, and sometimes facial oils. Can

I use Niacinamide in the morning and Vitamin C at night?

Yes, it is possible, you can definitely use both ingredients at the same time, or if you are still a little concerned, especially if your skin type tends to be sensitive, you can alternate your morning and evening routine. There

are no rules as to which ingredient should be used first.

Either way, your skin will still benefit. If you need my advice, I recommend incorporating vitamin C into your morning routine. Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants to brighten the complexion and fight hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone.

It also protects the skin from further damage caused by free radicals, such as UV radiation, pollution and other environmental influences. Adding niacinamide to your evening routine can boost your skin's hydration due to its

moisturizing properties that keep moisture in the underlying layers.

Not only does this keep the skin looking radiant and healthy, it also strengthens your protective barrier and makes it resistant to further signs of superficial damage. Does Niacinamide Eliminate Vitamin C? The short answer

is no, but the longer answer is a bit more complicated.

This misconception that niacinamide and vitamin C are antagonistic to each other goes back 60 years. Multiple studies have shown that when vitamin C and niacinamide are used together, they develop into niacin, which can cause

severe skin irritation.

While this reaction is somewhat true, it's unlikely to occur in everyday situations, unless you choose to store your skin care products in a hot oven. If you store the products properly and use them according to the directions

on the package, you don't have to worry about irritation.

The idea that niacinamide and vitamin C cancel each other out largely has to do with the fact that both have similar skin benefits, but when stacked on top of each other, can render each other useless. If you want to reap the

benefits, allow about 10-15 minutes between uses Time or switch when you use each ingredient.

Can I use Niacinamide at night?
Regardless, you can use niacinamide twice a day. Similar to hyaluronic acid, niacinamide is an ingenious moisturizer. That means it absorbs moisture from the air around the face, as well as moisture from other product formulations, and traps it in the skin. This is great for the skin barrier, keeping it at its healthiest throughout the day to fight free radical damage. You'll also find that using Niacinamide in your evening routine can repair potential damage to your skin duringa the day. The benefit of using it at night is that free radicals are limited, which means it can do its work while you enjoy a beauty sleep. Is Niacinamide good to eat in the morning or at night? Generally speaking, Niacinamide can be used morning and night. However, choose to use it in your evening routine if you want to substitute it with other powerful ingredients like Vitamin C. This will allow you to benefit from the hydrating action of Niacinamide, which locks in moisture in the skin and repairs any damage. Don't forget, if you want to learn more about how often you should use niacinamide, you can read an in-depth blog post here. I hope this answers your question about which is more important, Niacinamide or Vitamin C. Don't forget to follow us on Instagram for more skincare expert tips, product releases and exclusive discounts.

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