The 5 Best Moisturizers for Dry Skin in 2023, According to Dermatologists

These moisturizers help prevent dry, flaky skin year-round. There's nothing worse than dry, flaky skin—whether it's from cold winter weather or from using extra harsh skincare products on your face. Fortunately, the best

moisturizers for dry skin can quickly moisturize even the driest skin.

But first: What exactly causes dry skin? Part of it has to do with your skin type—some people are naturally drier than others, and it's largely down to genetics. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema, chlorine in swimming

pools, and advancing age can also leave your complexion feeling dry and sallow.

"As you age, your skin gets thinner and therefore retains less water," explains Meghan Feely, MD, board-certified dermatologist in New Jersey and New York City Physician and instructor of clinical dermatology at Mount Sinai.

Of course, if you have dry skin, it's important to use a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and restore your skin barrier.

But finding the right moisturizer—especially one that's right for your skin type—can be a daunting task. Here are dermatologist-recommended best moisturizers for dry skin (from drugstore finds to luxury picks!) for an instant glow.

CeraVe Moisturizing Cream: "Ceramides are emollients that can help repair the skin barrier in conditions like eczema," says Dr. It feels like they're the foundation of all CeraVe products, including the ever-popular moisturizer

recommended by numerous dermatologists we interviewed.

Suitable for all skin types, the gentle, non-irritating formula can be used all over the body and is rich in ingredients to provide intense hydration to even the most dehydrated skin. Bonus: You get 16 oz of product!

Glow Recipe Plum Plumping Hyaluronic Acid Cream: If your mature skin needs extra plumping, look no further than this ultra-hydrating, lightweight face cream from Glow Recipe. It's enriched with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid

and antioxidant-rich Plum to plump and brighten skin while helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

"This moisturizer leaves my skin plump and fresh! I use it every morning and my skin looks great all day long," raved one reviewer, noting that it gave "the most Beautiful dewy glow".

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Intense Moisture: According to Dr. Harth, simethicone is one of the best moisturizers for acne-prone skin. "It's a man-made compound that's known to reduce moisture loss without leaving a

greasy feel or clogging pores," he says.

First Aid Beauty's Super Repair Cream contains this ingredient along with hydrating ceramides, soothing colloidal oatmeal and rich shea butter. Because it's fragrance- and alcohol-free, it's perfect for those with sensitive

skin—even people with eczema or extremely itchy skin can use it.

Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factor + HA Daily Moisturizer: There's a reason this $10 product won Best Night Cream at the 2020 Health and Beauty Awards. "I'm a big fan of it because it's so affordable," says Dr. Township.

"It does a great job of incorporating essential ingredients like hyaluronic acid into a cosmetically elegant formula without being too heavy. I wear it at night after my tretinoin."

It also contains ceramides and triglycerides to support a healthy moisture barrier. Also, the tube packaging is travel-friendly and keeps the product airtight and hygienic. (No sprouting fingers digging in the jar.) Clarins

Hydra Essence Cream This premium Clarins face cream is formulated with soothing botanicals, Shea Butter and Dimethicone to help dry skin retain moisture. illustrator. Testers raved about the silky soft finish, good after-makeup

wear resistance, and pleasing wearing comfort. Pros: It's non-comedogenic and free from sulfates and parabens.

If you like your creams a little thicker (but not too heavy), then this rich, luxurious formula is for you. How to Choose the Best Moisturizer for Dry Skin Be wary of irritants: Alcohol can dry out skin, says Mona Gohara, MD,

associate clinical professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and member of the Preventive Medicine Review Board. Sulfates, dyes, and fragrances can also be harsh and irritating, and cause more trouble than they're

worth. In general, if you experience redness, itching, or other discomfort after using a moisturizer, choose a simpler product.

Look for a moisturizer: Many ingredients can soothe skin while moisturizing it. It may take trial and error to find what is most sensitive to your skin, but some to look for are: hyaluronic acid, ceramides, urea, vegetable

oils, aloe vera, shea butter, glycerin, squalane, soy, colloids Oatmeal and B vitamins. Know your skin type: If your skin is very dry and sensitive (or you have a skin condition), a richer cream or lotion may give you the

results you're looking for. Those with oily or acne-prone skin will benefit from a lighter gel formula.

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