The best at-home waxing kits, according to skincare and hair removal pros

Body and facial hair are completely natural. However, if you prefer to be hairless, whether it's your upper lip, eyebrows, armpits, legs, arms or bikini line, you should consider your options. The best hair removal products

range from dermaplaning devices to at-home laser hair removal devices.

Then there are professional services, but regular visits to the salon for waxing can become an expensive habit. Depending on the part of your body you are removing, it can be a very intimate experience between you and the technician.

Because of this, some people may choose to purchase one of the best at-home waxing kits instead of seeking in-person services. While not for everyone, at-home hair removal kits offer an inexpensive and intimate way to get rid

of unwanted hair the way you want.

They can also come in handy between appointments and for small touch-ups, according to Vanessa Coppola (APN-C, FNP-BC), RN, RN and founder of Bare Aesthetic. However, "it takes time, patience, and often some practice before you

become comfortable with the process," adds board-certified dermatologist Rachel Nazarian, M.D., F.A.A.D., of the Schweiger Dermatology Group.

If you're concerned about the safety of at-home waxing kits, experts agree that most of them are safe to use as long as you follow the directions and take proper care of your skin before and after waxing.

“Because waxing can cause temporary damage to the skin, you need to pay close attention to the overall health of the skin,” explains Natalie Chan, product development manager at personal care brand Flamingo, which sells at-home

hair removal products.

Are you ready to enter the world of home waxing? The best kits include fragrance-free waxes, strips in different shapes to suit your needs, and aftercare items to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

1. Nader's Facial Wax Strips. Amazon's best-selling hair removal wax strip kit includes 20 pre-cut wax strips for removing hair from small areas of the face. Also includes a powder to prep skin and soothing wipes when you're

done. At just $5, it's a fantastic value for those looking for a less expensive alternative to regular visits to the salon.

What we wrote about it: "Love using these products to get rid of facial hair. I love the pre-applied powder and conditioning wipes that come with it - really good value for money."

2. Tress Wellness Wax Kit. "It's a great way to wax at home because it really gives you everything you need," says Dr. Nazarian. The kit (Amazon bestseller) includes a pre-applied mild cleanser, a warmer to melt the wax beads,

and a aftercare spray.

"I also like wax in pearl shapes because it's clean, hygienic, and you can use it when you need it without worrying about contaminating the wax between sessions at home," she adds.

The review reads: "It's great for a beginner like me because it has everything you need and the instructions are very clear." The wax is of top quality - melts evenly and glides like a dream; smells great too. The best part?

It is gentle on sensitive skin. "

3. Flamingo Facial Wax Kit The Flamingo Facial Wax Kit contains soft gel wax strips for removing short, fine hair. These are suitable for use on areas such as the upper lip, chin and temples. The kit also includes wax wipes and

a soothing serum to soothe skin after waxing. Hundreds of buyers have given it five-star reviews. Comments: "Simple and effective. What more do you need to know!?" wrote one reviewer. "The cleansing wipes and soothing serum are great."

4. GiGi Brazilian Hard Body Wax While this hard wax isn't technically a kit, it's great for removing coarse hairs on sensitive skin and is great for treating the bikini area. Dr. Nazarian recommends it for its ease of use and

detailed instructions on how to use it safely. She also notes that it contains moisturizing oils. You'll need to buy a wax warmer separately, but once you have one, you can use the applicator stick to apply hard wax and remove

it without leaving unwanted marks. What the review read: "I've tried treating myself with Brazilian waxes several times, but never quite got it right...until I tried the GiGi Hard Brazilian Wax," wrote one Amazon shopper. "The

fact that you don't need the strips reduces hassle and clutter while allowing you to focus on the small parts, which is an absolute must for me."

5. Veet Ready-to-Use Wax Strip Kit Hair Remover For results that last longer than shaving, these wax strips by Veet are great for keeping your legs hair-free. The set contains 40 wax strips infused with vitamin E and almond oil

for legs and other body areas, and four treatment wipes. The brand promises ease of use and up to 28-day results. What Reviews Say: "I've been using Veet patches for about 13 years. They work," says one reviewer. "It takes

practice to figure out the streaks, but once you do, you'll be proud of yourself! I'm glad that waxing at home can save you a lot of money and time." How to Choose the Best Waxing Kit for Your Home

✔️ Consider the type of wax. Wax kits contain hard or soft waxes. Some come with pre-cut wax strips, while others require you to heat and apply the wax yourself. The best option depends on you and your comfort level. Regardless,

you should also make sure that the kit you buy is suitable for the part of your body you want to epilate.
️Check the ingredients. Scan ingredient lists for potential allergens, such as fragrances, essential oils, and parabens, says Coppola. ✔️ Make hydration a priority. Dr. Nazarian recommends using a wax with extra oils, such as olive oil, to help moisturize the skin. ✔️ Invest in something extra. According to Chen, some at-home wax kits include aftercare products like wipes to wipe away any nasty residue. These types of items make the process easier and more convenient, so it may be worth buying them.

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