The Best Dry Brushes for Smoother Allover Skin, According to Dermatologists

You need to add one of these exfoliating tools to your routine. You're probably familiar with facial exfoliation (that is, the removal of dead skin cells to make the skin smoother and softer), whether using physical products or

chemical formulas.

But what about a full body scrub? One way to up your personal care routine is to add one of the best dry brushes to your collection of skincare essentials.

Physical exfoliation has been around long before you could pick up your favorite beauty products locally at Sephora or Target.

According to Ife Rodney, M.D., F.A.A.D., a board-certified dermatologist and founding director of Fulton Forever Dermatology + Aesthetics, dry brushing actually dates back to ancient Egypt and Greece and was established in It is

used in Indian, African and Chinese medicine.

"It was used to increase blood flow, exfoliate the skin and aid in overall health," she says, and continues to do so today. Even celebrities are getting into this skincare practice (Courteney Cox swears by dry brushing).

Charmed? Here's the thing: "Dry brushing is a skin care method that uses a dry brush with natural, slightly stiff bristles to gently scrub the skin," explains Dr. Rodney. "Start with the feet and move up to the heart in long,

sweeping motions." This helps slough away dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow, leaving skin smooth and supple.

It's important to use a dry brush (not wet) on dry skin. Experts recommend doing it once or twice a week before a shower or bath, unless you have sensitive skin, irritated skin, cuts, or certain conditions like eczema and

psoriasis. Follow up with a non-comedogenic moisturizer or lotion, says New York-based board-certified dermatologist Debra Jaliman, MD.

There are many different types of dry brushes to choose from, including those that fit in the palm of your hand and those with long handles that allow you to reach every inch of your skin with ease. Most are made of wood, and

the best dry brushes are made with natural bristles.

A preview of the best dry brushes, according to dermatologists, editors, and customer reviews.

1. EcoTools Dry Body Brush. At less than $10, this affordable dry brush is a great option for those who want to experiment with skincare without buying expensive products. You can buy a round dry brush for around $6 on Amazon,

but don't think the low price makes it ineffective. Thousands of buyers have rated it five stars.

What to review: "I've tried other dry brushes but couldn't find one that had the right balance of softness and firmness. This brush has a beautiful design and a great price!"

2. Healthy Beauty Body Brush for Dry Skin. Dr. Rodney recommends this brush for its 100% natural bristles and ergonomic removable wooden handle. It doesn't hurt that it has an overall rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon based on hundreds of reviews. What it says: "Skin is visibly smoother after just one use," says one shopper. "With the handle, the brush goes anywhere with ease!"
3. Metene Bamboo Dry Body Brush. This duo pack includes a stiff brush for dry skin and a soft brush for wet skin. Both come with a non-slip cotton strap and polished bamboo handles that fit in the palm of your hand. "It's highly rated for its natural bristles and soft strap handle for easy handling," says Dr. Rodney.
4. Osea Botanical Body Brush. A senior editor at Prevention owns this dry brush and likes to use it once or twice a week to exfoliate before showering. The bristles are firm enough to get the job done without irritating the skin and leave it silky soft when you follow up with Osea Body Oil. 5. Soulcare Vitality Dry Body Brush. From Alicia Keys' wellness brand Soulcare, this handheld dry brush features vegan, cruelty-free bristles and a sleek black handle and strap. Even Keys seems to love the product. When the product launches in 2021, she shared a photo of herself using it on Instagram. 6. Kora Organics Dry Body Brush. This dry brush is from Miranda Kerr's skincare brand Kora Organics. According to her website, she practices dry brushing daily. This specimen is made of natural agave cactus bristles and FSC certified beech wood. It also has a grip strap so it stays in place in your palm as you sweep it across your body in a circular motion. How to Choose the Best Dry Brush. ✔️ Consider the type and quality of bristles. Natural bristles are best for dry brushing, as synthetic bristles tend to irritate the skin, says Dr. Jaliman "Look for brushes with firm bristles that aren't too stiff," advises Dr. Jaliman. Rodney. ✔️ Check the handle. Some dry brushes have long handles to help you reach hard-to-reach places. Just like with your upper back or calves, don't strain yourself. Others fit just right in the palm of your hand. What works best for you depends on your personal preference and flexibility. ✔️ Write down the price. Dry brushing comes in different price ranges. Before buying expensive skincare equipment, consider investing in something or trying it out first. Benefits of Dry Brushing The most obvious benefit of dry brushing is that it physically exfoliates the skin, helping to improve skin texture and texture. "It can help remove dead skin cells for smoother skin," says Dr. Rodney. It also increases blood flow by stimulating it, which may help eliminate toxins, she notes. "Stimulating an area of ​​the body with dry brushing can help increase oxygen levels in that area," adds Dr. Jaliman added. This increased blood flow helps boost collagen production (like the best collagen powders), making it a great antiaging skincare treatment, she explains. Some people find that dry brushing is beneficial for lymphatic drainage, which is beneficial for the proper function of the immune system. According to Dr. Rodney, however, more research is needed to confirm this claim. After all, practice is only for relaxation. It's a luxurious step in your full-body skincare routine that you can do right before you shower or soak.

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