What is Creamy Skin? New Korean Beauty Trends for 2023

What is Creamy Skin? New Korean Beauty Trends for 2023

Creamy skin has been called the 2023 skincare megatrend. Word is that beauty prognosticators are paying attention to the look, and it's hitting full steam ahead. But what is cream skin?

Does it work for you and your skin?

How to achieve the look? Worry not, because I'm here to clear it all up and help you try the latest beauty trends for yourself.

What is Creamy Skin?

You're probably familiar with 2022's skin trend, "glass skin," the ultimate glowing skin effect. This look is straight out of Korean skincare, the routine we're all obsessed with that calls for layering lotions, serums, serums,

toners, moisturizers, and masks—the list is endless. result?

A face radiated with health and freshness thanks to spa treatments. It's been featured countless times on the runway and in editorial shoots over the past year. The look is so popular that it's become a part of everyday life,

and we've tried it out at least once. Although it looks like we're having a water fight...

Beige skin is a modern touch, and it turns out to be an easier look to achieve. Don't be fooled by the name, it's not a thick layer of product, quite the opposite, as the amount of product used to create the look is much less

than a glass skin routine.

Beyond creamy skin, there's also a trend to cut back on our skin care routines. Over time, the time, energy, and number of products we use in our treatments slowly become more and more complex.

Well, I don't know about you, but such a tedious routine, especially after a long day, sucks. The creamy skin rips lined up perfectly and we could stop this 10+ step (maybe more) routine!

How to get creamy skin?

Compared to the previous 10 products, Cream Skin reduces the overall number of cleansing to no more than 3, unless you want to keep it to the basic and simplest routine.

Start with a thorough cleansing of the face. Wipe away residue with a creamy, non-foaming cleanser and a warm washcloth to remove all traces of makeup and grime. This will soften the skin and cleanse the pores, ready for the next step.

Next, pour the creamy exfoliating toner onto a cotton pad and dab it all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Let the toner do the work for you so you don't have to rub it off.

The next step is entirely up to you, but you will find that using a serum will bring some moisture to the skin, especially if it contains hyaluronic acid. The final step is to use a light lotion or body balm to moisturize the

skin so it looks dewy, but not shiny like glass skin. Skin Defense Balm is great for caring for the skin without clogging it with too thick a layer of product on the skin.

Additional steps such as eye cream, lip balm, and masks are great additions to your routine if you feel the need, but they aren't essential. The next steps are also up to you: enjoy the healthy glow of your new "creamy skin" or apply makeup.

If you still decide to wear makeup, be sure to keep the products creamy and creamy. From CC creams to blush creams and highlighters. Avoid all the hard work you've put into creating smooth skin with a full-coverage matte finish.

What happens to my skin after using a cream skincare routine? If you're used to skincare routines that involve multiple steps, you might be a little hesitant about the idea of ​​simple, minimal cream skincare. Still, you'd be

surprised how your skin doesn't look and feel any worse.

Honestly, if you master the simple procedure of using the right products and ingredients, your face will look and feel flawless! As the saying goes, "less is more," keeping it simple is the answer to any skin concern you may have.

Is Creamy Skin Permanent?

Just as beauty forecasters have noticed a shift in our grooming habits toward weight loss, it will be interesting to watch changes in the way we start shopping for skincare.

Take a "less is more" approach and look for products that give you the results described on their fancy packaging. Whether you prefer more natural botanical extracts and more plant-based products, or you prefer a scientific feel

with an amazing selection of clever acids and ingredients. Whatever it is, you'll be amazed how your skin looks when you spend more time finding what works for you and your skin and less time using it. This frees you up for more

important things like actually enjoying your morning coffee!

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