Does Face Taping Truly Lift and Tighten Skin?

“Usually my smile lines are so visible, but you can’t even see them now,” reads closed captioning on a viral tutorial with over 5.5 million views. The secret sauce for solving our aging skin woes, according to TikToker

@officiallyval, isn’t retinol or Botox but face taping:

a beauty ritual that promises to lift, tighten, and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles quite literally overnight. Grab your lab coat and safety goggles, because we—along with experts—are putting this TikTok trend

under the microscope.

WHAT IS FACE TAPING? Face taping looks exactly how it sounds: strategically placing face tape (please do not reach for the Scotch in your junk drawer) directly onto the skin. “The method is pretty straightforward,” clinical

dermatologist Dr. Enrizza Factor agrees.

“Users apply tape to areas of the face where they wish to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines (mostly on their foreheads) and wear the tape overnight to prevent movement.” While you may assume face taping is just

another TikTok trend (anyone else still drinking chlorophyll?) the practice has been around for decades according to Dr. Inessa Fishman, MD, who adds that “Hollywood actors and actresses [were known] to tape their brows and

jawlines to appear younger.”

DOES FACE TAPING HELP WRINKLES? There is some science to back up face taping, specifically for dynamic wrinkles. These fine lines appear after repeated movement (think smile lines and crow’s feet from squinting).

Dynamic wrinkles are also why some swap sleeping positions, since facial distortion from sleeping on the stomach or side can cause premature aging skin. Face and neck tape aims to keep these areas still in order to fend off fine lines.

Sounds like we’re tossing our skincare in lieu of tape, no? Not quite. “Face tape is a short-term treatment for lifting your face and minimizing wrinkles, however, wrinkles are not eliminated, prevented, or made to vanish with

face taping,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Anna Chacon.

“Face taping does work as an immediate strategy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, however, the technique can cause irritation in the short term and even create more visible signs of aging in the long term,” adds Dr. Factor.

“Taking off tape, especially one that is supposed to hold the skin down for a whole night, also damages the moisture barrier.” There’s one more detail that face taping leaves out: the daytime. “I love the idea of silicone sheets

to keep healing scars flat, protected, and moisturized,” says Dr. Fishman “but find this concept doesn't hold the same value for skin and wrinkles with the face moving thousands of times every day.” Unless you want to walk

around with tape on your face 24/7, you only get the benefits of face taping at night.


While skin tape merely adheres to skin’s surface, skincare can penetrate deeply into the pores to make changes that last. No formula can undo the effects of growing older, but Dr. Chacon recommends the following skincare

ingredients if you’re focused on firming skin and smoothing out wrinkles.

RETINOL This vitamin A derivative is a dermatologist favorite, particularly because it tackles so many skin concerns (from dark spots to clogged pores) at once. Of course, it’s a must for aging skin too. Retinol triggers both

collagen and elastin production, restoring bounce while softening the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you have sensitive skin, Dr. Chacon recommends the retinol alternative bakuchiol, which “carries a lower risk of

adverse effects than retinol.”

Our Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum uses both bakuchiol and microencapsulated retinol to deliver results without irritation or dryness. To target crow’s feet, add the Advanced Retinoid Eye Balm to your PM routine, too. Both

are dermatologist-tested and sensitive skin-approved. SQUALANE This vegan ingredient mimics squalene, a part of skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) that depletes as we age. It's rich in antioxidants too, helping fight cell

damage that contributes to premature fine lines and sagging skin. Get squalane plus microalgae (a collagen-like ingredient that firms and plumps the skin) in our Recovery Mode Advanced Night Cream.

HYALURONIC ACID Dry skin doesn’t necessarily cause wrinkles, but it can make them more apparent. To restore bounce and minimize the appearance of fine lines, Dr. Chacon recommends hyaluronic acid. Another member of the NMF club,

this ingredient locks in moisture and strengthens barrier function, skin’s #1 defense system against damaging UV rays, pollution, and more. Get both hyaluronic and polyglutamic acid (which is 4x more hydrating than HA) in our

Moisture Maker Hydrating Hyaluronic Serum.

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