The 7 Best Microcurrent Devices for Tighter Skin, According to Tests and Dermatologists

Could these magical skin care products be the key to a home "makeover"? While serums and creams have been staples on beauty shelves for decades, at-home skincare products are becoming increasingly popular as well.

Microcurrent devices are trending right now, with users claiming they can produce firmer, clearer skin with continued use. Microcurrent devices use low-voltage electrical current to stimulate muscle contraction, explains Dr.

Mona Gohara board-certified dermatologist and vice president of the Society of Women in Dermatology. "Like if you go to the gym and do bicep curls and use a machine that creates muscle contractions, they become more defined,"

she continued.

Over time (and with regular use), you may notice firmer skin with a firmer, more defined appearance, says board-certified adult, pediatric and specialty cosmetic dermatologist Affiliated Dermatology in Scottsdale, AZ Said Karan

Lal, D.O., M.S., F.A.A.D.

Microcurrent is safe for all skin types and complexions, adds Dr. Lal added. However, those with active skin conditions such as eczema or acne may wish to avoid using the device on these areas to avoid further irritation.

Next, find the best microcurrent devices, editor-tested and dermatologist-recommended, to optimize your skin care routine.

1. NuFACE Trinity+ Advanced Facial Conditioner: This popular microcurrent device is versatile, with the option to add red light, lip, and eye attachments for an additional fee. Good Housekeeping Beauty Labs tested the

microcurrent device in anti-aging tests in the lab.

One tester noted that "my skin looked a little firmer and noticeably brighter and smoother," but some testers reported that they didn't really notice a difference while using the device.

The NuFace device is also used by Dr. Lal and Dr. Gohara highly recommends it and they all describe it as the "OG" or one of the best and first microcurrent devices on the market.

2. Solawave 4-in-1 Skin Rejuvenating Stick: This device does it all and does it at a relatively affordable price compared to the competition. PhD. Gohara is synonymous with this product, which recently won our 2023 Beauty Award.

"By combining microcurrent, facial massage, light therapy, and heat therapy, this at-home treatment helps stimulate muscles, reduce puffiness, and reduce the appearance of breakouts and breakouts. Blemishes improve collagen and

increase the penetration of other skin care products said Marisa Garshick, MD. F.A.A.D, a board-certified dermatologist in New York, previously explained. It also received the endorsement from Prevention senior business editor

Christie Calucchia.

3. FOREO Bear Microcurrent Facial Device: FOREO is a well-known company in the field of skin care equipment, and its microcurrent tools are approved by doctors.

Highly recommended by Lal. It has a simple, small, handheld design that is easy to use. While it's compact and travel-friendly, it also delivers powerful microcurrent for a firmer, more toned appearance.

4.Rejuvatone MD: PhD. Gohara explains that she most often recommends Trophy Skin’s microcurrent device to her patients. "What I particularly like about Trophy Skin is that it has a smaller stem that goes around the eyes," she


"As a result, some nuanced contouring is possible." Additionally, reviewers note that they notice a visibly lifted appearance "immediately."

5. Therabody TheraFace PRO: After testing this multi-functional skin care device, I can confidently recommend it to other skin care enthusiasts. Not only does the microcurrent attachment provide a visibly tighter clearer

appearance after the first use, but it also comes with a variety of other attachments to help you customize your at-home skincare routine or facial. Personally, I like the microcurrent and LED attachments the best, but there are

also attachments for shock therapy and cleaning attachments. Accessories for heat and cold therapy can be purchased separately.

6.ZIP Halo The ZIIP Halo is one of Dr. ZIIP Halo’s few microcurrent devices. Lal recommends its user-friendly, beginner-friendly and effective design. It combines microcurrent and nanocurrent to visibly lift, sculpt and define

facial contours while promoting radiant, healthy-looking skin.

7.SASAAJIJI Microcurrent Beauty Instrument Not only is this versatile microcurrent device one of the more affordable options on this list, it's also popular with Amazon shoppers, with over 5,000 five-star ratings and rave

reviews. In addition to two microcurrent levels, it offers blue and red LED treatments. "I was surprised at how good the lifting and firming effect was. The effect is visible to the naked eye," one reviewer wrote.

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