5 Drunk Elephant Bronzer Drops That Hustlers Love

Every now and then a beauty product comes along that beauty influencers and editors call a must-have. This is nothing new for Drunk Elephant. By combining colorful packaging with witty names and effective formulas, the brand has

a number of best-selling products across its range.

They're so popular that it's hard to get them these days. In the spotlight today are Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Drops, £24.80: the (synthetic) solution to dull skin after sun exposure.

Nicknamed "sunshine in a bottle" (without the damage of UV rays), these tanning drops have long been going viral on TikTok. Nourishing blackcurrant oil and skin-strengthening peptides make this product a skincare staple that

promises to brighten your complexion while giving it a temporary bronzed tint.

More than 700 people have raved about it online, with countless five-star reviews on the brand's website. Some claim it can replace foundation, even out skin tone and give skin an instant glow.

Unfortunately, if you're thinking this all sounds too good to be true, you're right: it's currently harder to get your hands on than Glastonbury Festival tickets. In the meantime, we want to introduce you to the next best thing:

the Drunk Elephant Bronzing drop that the R29 team is loving right now.

Jacqueline Kilikita, Associate Beauty Director. Products I've tried: The Body Shop Coconut Bronze Glowing Wash-Off Tan, £15. "The formula is very dark, so it's intimidating, but once you massage it into your skin, it absorbs

almost immediately.

It definitely gave my face a beach vacation glow, but I have some blemishes on my skin due to acne Red spots from acne, I find that pigments tend to cling to these spots and aggravate them.

Over time the color becomes more intense and makes me look a bit orange in places, but I really like it The texture and feel (it dried matte and wasn't sticky or greasy), so I decided to improvise the next day.

I mixed two pumps of Coconut Bronze with a generous amount of Kosas Revealer Super Creamy + Brightening Concealer, £26, on my palms. I rubbed my hands together and applied the homemade concoction to my face like a tinted moisturizer.

The results are so much better; it adds a bit of color to my skin while blurring out my hyperpigmentation. In this photo, I just used coconut bronzer, concealer, and blush as my base.

I was jealous of Hailey Bieber's naturally dewy, minimal makeup, which helped me achieve this goal in no time. I think it makes me look fresh and vibrant, and it convinced me to skip foundation this summer.

Kerry Washington, Society Editor. Products I've tried: Studio London U DEW U Bronzing Drops Light-Medium, £5. "I've always been a little wary of tanning potions (I use them occasionally, but sometimes it gives me breakouts).

Even though I love wearing makeup, I tend to find something that works and stick with it because I'm too scared ( And since I've been spending a lot of time in the sun recently, my concealer no longer suited my skin tone, so I

decided to try the bronzer drops. The droplets smell like coconut and look dark at first, which is a little scary.

But I had no right to doubt: the formula blended extremely well and left a smooth, even base. I really can't believe they only cost £5! Color matching is definitely worth it in the months leading up to summer when color matching

can feel like an impossible and stressful task. I've put the link in the group. Lauren Cunningham, Associate Assistant Products I've tried: By Terry Tea To Tan Face & Body, £19 "More like an instant self-tanning facial spray

than delicate tanning drops, this product from By Terry is a go-to for anyone looking to achieve a golden glow fast. Containing hydrating cherry water and hydrating glycerin, Green tea, on the other hand, gives the drink similar

antioxidant properties.”

Elephant Drops. The subtle, shimmering tint gives my skin a naturally tanned look and instantly rejuvenates my tired face (and body). Rest assured it will be sitting on my bathroom shelf as a skin savior against dull days. For

even coverage, you'll want to buff with a brush or makeup sponge to get tiny bronze dots of glow all over. While the results were flawless, the application took some getting used to - not only was my face tanned, but so was my

t-shirt, my hair, and my sink. It washes out (and washes out again), so the color doesn't last long, but I'll definitely be prepared next time: put my hair up, put on a robe, and have a cleansing sponge at the ready. "

L’Oréal Blackett, editor of Unbothered UK Products I tried: Pai Skincare The Impossible Glow Bronzing Drops (Shade Bronze), £18.99 "The three words I now use to describe my skin are 'radiant,' 'hydrated,' and 'bronzed.' I

absolutely love the results of Pais Bronzing Drops. "I love anything that accentuates the plumpness of my skin. ” Pai claims its tanning drops are “completely customizable” and perfect for use on the face. I achieved subtle

highlights and a more intense pop of blonde, which looks incredible on darker brown skin. The brand recommends applying a drop of moisturizer or, for added effect, dabbing a drop or two on your cheekbones, but I dove in and

applied the super pigmented drop to my collarbones and shoulders for a shimmery effect.

The formula feels very hydrating and luxurious, and I appreciate how easily the droplets blend into my skin. I will definitely be adding this product to my beauty arsenal this summer. Esther Newman, affiliate writer Products I

tried: Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop'Lit All-Over Glow Improver (Honey Citrine), £29 "As a pale-skinned girl, I've never had much luck with fake tans.

One particularly traumatic experience was my 11th grade prom, a patchy spray tan, an orange tint from The Only Way in Essex, and A few hours of scrubbing myself until smooth. Since then I have stopped using such products, either

in drops or gradually. Tanning and tanning. To help me get started in the world of tanning, I Decided to try Fenty Beauty's Eaze Drop'Lit, reviews say it is one of the most natural bronzers on the market. I can safely say that I

agree with these reviews - this product has everything you need for a lightweight, sun-kissed glow with a hint of warmth and color.

I wear it alone under a light tinted moisturizer and then apply it to areas that naturally get sun exposure (cheekbones and nose). It applies really well, is easy to blend (I recommend using your fingers), doesn't cake under or

on top of other makeup, and isn't so shiny that it looks fake. When the weather warms up, I'll pull it out for a no-makeup summer look.

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