Everything you need to know about Skincare Hero Pink Clay

Everything you need to know about Skincare Hero Pink Clay

For many of us, clay masks are our first gateway to skin care. Of all the traditional remedies that promise to banish acne, absorb excess oil, and soothe skin problems, clay has long been at the top of the list. Not only has

this ingredient become an accessible option at a variety of price points, but its use even predates modern skin care. This tidbit and decades of testimonials praising its benefits are just a few of the reasons it remains a

popular skin treatment today.

While the healing properties of clay are widely accepted and well-documented in the skincare community, the conversation about skin barrier protection and the overall shift in skincare trends toward radiant hydration has

undoubtedly had a major impact on our appearance. routine. Going to great lengths to remove impurities from the skin, even to the point of drying or irritating the skin, is officially prohibited. These days, gentler methods are

the more popular option, which may explain the rise of gentle cleansers and the rapid popularity of ingredients like hyaluronic acid.

That doesn't mean clay is going away, however, and this shift toward less intense forms of skin cleansing has led to a different type of detoxifier. Rose Inc. launches Pink Clay in new Skin Resolution Clarifying Toner, a gentler

skin care clay.

How is pink clay different from kaolin, bentonite, and other popular clays on the market? To shed some light on the topic, we asked the experts to explain to us what this ingredient is, its benefits, and what skin types it's best for.

What is pink clay?

Even if you've never seen pink clay as an ingredient in a product, there's a good chance you've experienced some of its benefits. This is because pink clay is actually a combination of different types of clays that have been

used extensively in countless recipes. “Pink clay is a combination of white and red clay, offering the best of both worlds,” says Jessica Kizovski, product development manager at Rose Inc. “This means you can expect it to be

effective against excess oil, Issues such as congested skin come into play.
What are the skin care benefits of pink clay? "Pink clay contains high levels of iron minerals, making it ideal for clarifying and brightening," explains Kizovski. "It is considered the mildest of all clays while still having strong oil-absorbing properties." What are the main benefits of pink clay for skin? Like other types of clay, one of the main benefits of pink clay is that it removes impurities and absorbs excess oil or sebum from the skin. This can rejuvenate the skin, including improving skin tone and texture, says Kizovsky. "Overall, it really helps rejuvenate dull skin," she adds. "Pink clay contains high iron mineral content, making it ideal for purifying and brightening the complexion." What skin type is pink clay best for? Because pink clay is gentler than some stronger clays, it's suitable for all skin types. Kizovski adds that it's especially suitable for dry skin types who are too sensitive to other clays. What types of skin care formulas make the best use of pink clay? Since clay's main function is to purify and detoxify the skin, it often appears in products that have this function: cleansing. This includes typical cleansers, face washes, masks and toners, Kizovsky said. “These recipes really highlight the benefits of clay,” she says.

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