Here's how to make the most of this iconic product and its limited-edition Pride bottle

We're almost sure you're familiar with micellar water. In fact, if it wasn't already a tried-and-tested staple, we'd be willing to bet Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (aka the UK's #1 skincare product*) would play a role in

your skincare routine.

This year, Garnier is revamping its popular micellar makeup remover into a limited-edition Pride version. They have partnered with Just Like Us, a charity that works with schools across the country to develop programs and

resources to help young people in the LGBTQ+ community feel safe and supported.

The partnership is the next step in Garnier's alliance, as the product has long been a cult favorite among the LGBTQ+ community for its ability to express self-expression and suit all skin types. Garnier has pledged to donate

up to £50,000 through the sale of limited-edition micellar water**.

The redesigned bottle, which will be available until July 24, pays homage to the bright colors of the LGBTQIA+ flag. As Pride events are in full swing, so too are the bold and colorful expressions of identity that come with them.

After a day, night or weekend of pride, Garnier Micellar Makeup Remover gently wipes away any remaining glitter. But that's not all its benefits. To celebrate the limited-edition bottle, we're raving about the many uses for this

popular product. Read on for five of our favorites…

Whether false eyelashes are part of your daily routine or reserved for special occasions, you'll know there's an art to wearing them multiple times. Luckily, this micellar water makes it easier to extend the life of your lashes.

The key is to keep them clean. To remove residual mascara, eyeliner or glue, try soaking them in 1cm of micellar water for 15 to 30 minutes. Once all the residue has come off, place it on a paper towel to dry. Avoid anything

that might affect the shape of the band or the curl of your lashes.

The final step to ensure your lashes look perfect is to run a clean spoolie dipped in micellar water through your lashes to remove any remaining stubborn debris. If your error message just needs a quick update, skip to step two.

Either way, you'll get longer-lasting lashes.

Garnier Sensitive Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, £5.99, £2.99, available from Boots. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water is a top choice for simple yet effective cleaning, and for good reason.

It's made up of micelles and tiny particles that act like magnets, attracting any makeup, dirt or impurities they come in contact with. This means maximum cleaning with minimum effort.

Need a reminder of the basics? After a day (or night) of makeup, simply wipe the saturated Eco Pads over your complexion, repeating the process as needed to remove all visible traces of makeup. The result is the most thorough

and simplest cleaning possible.

Alternatively, a quick wipe in the morning or after a workout is enough to remove dirt and leave your face feeling fresh. When applying eye makeup, it is important to avoid rubbing or pulling on the area.

Soak two eco-pads in micellar water and hold them over your eyes for up to five seconds, then wipe gently outward. Repeat until all makeup is removed. Just be sure to forget about cotton pads and opt for Garnier reusable eco

pads to avoid unnecessary waste.

Garnier Sensitive Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, £5.99, £2.99, available at Boots; Garnier Micellar Reusable Eco Pads, £4.50, available at Boots. We don't condone dirty makeup brushes (you've heard it a thousand times, but

they're a breeding ground for bacteria), but we do condone using simple solutions to the tedious task of cleaning them.

Simply pour 1-2cm of micellar water in a bowl (depending on the size of your brush) and swirl until the makeup comes out and the water changes colour. Apply to a washcloth or cotton pad, remove excess solution and lay flat to dry.

Make sure the part of the bristles that touches the metal stays dry, otherwise moisture may damage the brush. Garnier Sensitive Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, £5.99, £2.99, available from Boots.

Creating the perfect lip, arched eyes, or contour can be difficult even for the steadiest of hands, especially if you want to create a look you can be proud of. Luckily, you have tried-and-true micellar water on hand. Dip a

cotton swab into the solution and rub it into problem areas to remove any slips or stains. You can even use it to create blush streaks or colored eyeliner shapes or details—think of it as a reverse stencil. The result is a
perfectly sculpted look. Garnier Sensitive Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, £5.99, £2.99, available from Boots. Say goodbye to classic black eyeliner and hello to any color you like, because micellar water isn't just for makeup removal. Turn any eyeshadow (or blush) into eyeliner by moistening the brush with micellar water and applying it to the color of your choice; mix the two to create a creamy, pigmented eyeliner. Stay on top of the season's trends and opt for a metallic finish with a matte Y2K touch, or opt for pastel shades that suit every skin tone. For ultimate precision and sharp wings, apply with a fine-bristle brush or an angled brush. Garnier Sensitive Skin Micellar Cleansing Water, £5.99, £2.99, available from Boots.

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