How good is No7’s new Future Renew range?

Boots' own brand No7 needs almost no introduction. It's been a British beauty classic for over 80 years and even if you've never tried it yourself, you'll recognize it on the bathroom shelves of your mum, aunties, granny and

friends. When we heard that the new Future Renew series had been 15 years in the making, we were certainly curious. Apparently we weren't the only ones, as the five-month supply sold out in a day.

Dubbed "Botox in a bottle" by many beauty junkies, the four-product range features new "super peptide" technology, which the brand says is a world first. The technology targets signs of skin damage, "including poor skin texture,

uneven skin tone, lack of skin firmness, dullness, dryness, fine lines and wrinkles," says Dr. Mike Bell, Head of Research at No7. Is this the answer to the days when we forget to put on sunscreen, neglect our skin care routines,

stay up late, drink, and live our lives?

Three R29ers took the opportunity to put these claims to the test, swapping their usual skincare routines for No7's Future Renew range for two months. Read on to learn about her progress.

Evaluation after two months of use

I finished my favorite product from the range - Future Renew Night Cream, £34.95 - a few weeks ago, but I'm sure I'll still get some benefit from it. While it doesn't do much to reduce wrinkles on your forehead, it does help a

little with the appearance of fine lines under your eyes. I've said it before and I'll say it again: skin texture is completely normal and aging is a privilege, but I love experimenting with makeup and it often collects in these

tiny wrinkles. I probably noticed the changes more than others. No one can get that close!

To be honest, I wasn't impressed with anything else in the Future Renew range, so I switched to another moisturizer: Vichy Minéral 89 72hr Moisture Boosting Cream, £22. In my opinion, it's just as great - and cheaper. The

texture is gel-cream, but it's rich enough to deeply moisturize, leaving skin beautifully hydrated. Just like No7, it doesn't bother me and the makeup glides on seamlessly. If you want to spend less, this is a great option.

Like No7 Night Cream, it also contains hydrating glycerin, hydrating hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to control oil production and keep the skin barrier in good condition.

Evaluation after one month of use

If you read my review after using the new No7 Future Renew range for a week, you'll know that the night cream is my favorite product. The gel-cream consistency makes it lightweight yet highly hydrating, and I love the subtle

hydration it gives my skin - so much so that I also layer it under my sunscreen in the morning. After nearly a month of morning and evening use, I've reached the end of the tub. I had high hopes that this would reduce the

wrinkles on my forehead, but after 28 days, I didn't notice any changes. However, it did wonders for the fine lines under my eyes.

Now I don't have to tell you, there's nothing wrong with your skin texture. Fine lines and wrinkles are a normal and natural part of aging, which is a privilege. But I love makeup and it often builds up in my wrinkles and makes
my skin look dry. Since using it, those lines have improved and my makeup adheres to my skin better. I also like that it doesn't break out my skin like most moisturizers do, so it's perfect for oily, acne-prone skin. " first check First of all, I want to say that there is absolutely no problem with fine lines and wrinkles. We know that skin aging is inevitable and getting older is a privilege. That's why I'm so happy that the new No7 range doesn't mention "anti-aging" at all. Rather, it is designed to reduce skin damage caused by many different factors, such as pollution or sun exposure. This is achieved through the use of peptides, which are essentially skin-strengthening proteins. Although I am in the cosmetics industry, I have to admit that I am not that serious about sun protection. How could I? I work with a large window in an apartment that gets a lot of sunlight, and often have to remind myself that UVA rays (the leading cause of premature aging) can penetrate glass. When I turned 30, I noticed more wrinkles on my forehead and under my eyes. The wrinkles under my eyes tend to deepen when my skin is dehydrated or I don't use the right moisturizer. Full disclosure: I've used "Baby Botox" in the past and the effects completely wore off, so I'm excited to see how effective this line of products is. First, I went straight for the serum that in my opinion had the most hype. After using it morning and night for over a week, I didn't notice much of a difference in the texture on my forehead, but since it's so comfortable and soothing, I noticed that the sensitive skin under my eyes was less wrinkled and drier than usual, leading to visible fine lines. reduce. This plumping effect is even more impressive when I use it with my eye serum. However, when it comes to the eye area, I don't think the new Peptide Eye Serum can top the brand's 2021 Line Correcting Booster Serum. Thanks to the star ingredient, Matrixyl 3000, I got immediate, visible results (and you can do it). See clearly here). I think my favorite product from the new peptide range is the night cream. The gel-cream texture absorbs quickly and leaves my skin with a hydrated glow. So much so that I put it on under my sunscreen in the morning. It's perfect for my acne-prone skin, and I love how it feels: comfortable and hydrating, but not heavy at all. Now let’s talk about SPF 40 day cream. To be honest, I will avoid using it in the future as it is a bit too slippery for my oily, acne-prone skin. I only used it once and decided it wasn't for me. Instead, I stick with my serum or night cream with my current matte SPF (L’Oréal Revitalift Clinical Vitamin C SPF 50+ Daily UV Protection Liquid).I think I'll also put the eye serum on hold and just use the bigger, more valuable face serum. All in all, I will continue to use the serum and night cream for the recommended four weeks to see if there are any noticeable changes in my skin. This takes time! Esther Newman, affiliate writer first check After a particularly stressful few months, my diet, fitness, and sleep were all severely affected, and so was my skin. Now, a dry, gray face, covered with fine lines and two blue bags under the eyes, looked back at me in the mirror. So I grabbed these products with both hands, hoping they would help me regain my glow. As a long-time fan of No7, aka the Protect & Perfect range, I was looking forward to these four new products. At first glance, they look almost identical to the Protect & Perfect products, albeit in a flashier silver colorway. If you're a fan of the series, swapping is super easy. The three-step routine (separate day and night creams) is short and sweet, and easy to use. The serum is a bit thick compared to many similar products on the market, but my dehydrated skin absorbed it. The eye cream feels like most other eye creams I've tried, with no immediate tightness, while the day and night creams have more of a gel-like consistency, which is perfect for moisturizing my dry, dull complexion. After a week (which is a short period of time to see if the product is actually working), there wasn't a huge difference, but my face looked a little plumper and felt a little softer. Victory is victory. I'll check back in three weeks to see how we fare after a full month of use. We hope to achieve some significant results.

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