How to keep your skin moisturized

When it comes to achieving the look of dewy skin, the secret is to achieve that "I woke up like this" look without makeup or makeup. Enjoy a spa-like experience combined with our range of skin care and makeup products to

nourish, moisturize and plump skin for radiant skin from within.

Are you ready to have your most radiant, hydrated skin? Read on to discover our ultimate tips and tricks! What is hydrated skin? If you're not as obsessed with TikTok beauty as we are, you might be wondering what exactly does

dewy skin mean?

Well, “moist skin” means skin that looks fresh, hydrated, and super soft. Bright but not greasy. Bright but not shiny. Reasonable? The ultimate daily care for hydrated skin. Dewy skin doesn't happen overnight, but with our top

tips and tricks, you can get there!

Check out this foolproof routine and discover some of the best products you just need to master your skin's dewy look. Tip 1 – About the Basics: Skin care is key! Everything is being prepared for a look.

A good old scrub is a must to boot! Scrub your skin to remove old makeup, dirt and dullness from everyday wear and tear with our Korean beauty-inspired REVOLUTION SKINCARE PINEAPPLE ENZYME GLOW GOMMAGE PEEL.

Not only does this increase blood flow and plump the skin, it also helps create a smooth “blank canvas.” Enriched with pineapple extract (a blend of sugar, enzymes, and alpha hydroxy acids), this scrub is designed to help

brighten your skin and help you achieve the dewy complexion you want.

It’s no secret that all skin types require their own care. Dry skin needs lots of moisture, so drinking a glass of our REVOLUTION SKINCARE CERAMIDES MOISTURE LOTION will help moisturize your skin, increase its elasticity and

provide a natural glow.

For skin with large pores and blemish-prone skin, our SKINCARE 20% Niacinamide Blemish and Pore Refinement Serum is key, not only promoting the healing of unwanted blemishes but also helping to smooth out any texture for a

flawless, glowing look Makeup base.

Tip 2 – Choose liquids and creams over powders. Moving on to makeup, this look is all about the cream. Choosing SUPERDEWY LIQUID BRONZER instead of powder helps achieve a natural look, with the product blending seamlessly for

a smooth, subtle contour.

For girls with oily skin, simply sprinkle REVOLUTION BEAUTY REVOLUTION MINI BAKING POWDER TRANSLUCENT on your T-zone to curb oil and maintain a flawless look all day long. If you have dry skin, avoid using powder. Our cream

products blend into the skin to give you a dewy look without feeling sticky.

Tip 3 – Charming eyes: To further enhance this look, the warm bronze shades in I HEART REVOLUTION Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette – SMORES are your go-to for a sun-kissed glow. These shades are best for cool eyes.

If you want something different to complement your warm eyes, MAKEUP REVOLUTION FOREVER FLAWLESS ALLURE SHADOW PALETTE is a great choice, available in shimmering silver, pink and purple shades - a popular choice for enhancing

your natural features.

To keep this look going from day to night, intensifying eye tint is a great way to accentuate your look without affecting your skin's natural glow. Tip 4 – “You Make Me Blush!” – Liquid Blush is a Must

One of the most popular is MAKEUP REVOLUTION SUPERDEWY LIQUID BLUSHES, which gives your cheeks a natural tint. They're super quick and easy to use and can easily be stored in your bag while on the go. A rosy, sun-kissed glow is

the ultimate secret to a dewy, radiant look.
Tip 5 – Make your goddess glow: Our liquid highlighter also creates a natural, dewy glow without giving you that "Tin Man" look of shiny cheeks. Apply SUPERDEWY LIQUID HIGHLIGHTER sparingly with your fingers, working your way up to the highest points of your cheeks. Tip 6 – Decide on the Look: Once you're happy with the base, be sure to style it with SUPERDEWY MIST SPRAY. Not only does this help your dewy makeup look last longer, but it also adds moisture, making it perfect for on-the-go! Tip 7 – Complete your look with glossy lips: Glossy lip makeup completes this look and is essential for keeping your lips bright and shiny all day long. At Revolution, our SHIMMER BOMB range has a range of glossy polishes available in a range of colors to suit your mood. MAKEUP REVOLUTION POUT BOMB PLUMPING GLOSSES further enhances the dewy look, leaving your lips healthier and hydrated. For a long-lasting lip gloss, we also recommend combining it with your favorite SATIN KISS LIP LINER.

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