I tried 7 skin tones so you don't have to (and there was a clear winner)

Forget tinted moisturizer or serum foundation. If TikTok's beauty fans are right—and they're always one step ahead of the trends—skin tint will be the hottest makeup product of the summer.

With 30 million views on the app to date, the complexion occupies a comfortable space between lightweight, coverage foundation and the most hydrating of skincare products. Feel? Light as a feather. Finish? Of course it's great.

Unlike heavier foundation products, the tint helps skin look like skin while subtly concealing any imperfections like redness, scars, or breakouts. As the UK prepares for a (hopefully) sunny summer, you might want to swap out

your full-coverage foundation for something more comfortable, and Skin Tint is the answer.

From Fenty Beauty to Trinny London, I tried seven popular skin tones so you don't have to—and there's a clear summer winner. Rimmel London Kind & Free Hydrating Complexion Foundation, £9.99

Unlike other low-coverage products (which require a lot of blending and touch-up in certain areas), it applies very smoothly. It makes my spots and scars disappear quickly but looks so natural I feel like I'm not wearing


Despite the name, I wouldn't say it's particularly moisturizing. My skin is combination and prone to oil spots, and out of all the shades I've tried, this one is the most matte. This left it lingering on some of my dry patches

throughout the day, so I recommend pairing it with a dewy moisturizer or a hydrating SPF.

It's a little disappointing that there are only 12 colors in total, but as beauty enthusiasts on TikTok and Instagram can attest, there's a great option for darker skin tones. It's worth going to the store and trying them out

to see if they work best for you.

YSL NU Bare Look Complexion, £28, £22.40. Since using this shade, I have received countless compliments on my skin. It's smooth, radiant, and plump—thanks to a skin-care base that contains 90 percent hydrating hyaluronic acid.

It's a pleasure to apply, it applies and blends in seconds and I love how fresh and hydrated it makes my skin look. It also still exists. I have been using this shade regularly since its launch and I don't see any signs of

shifting or dryness even at the end of an eight-hour day.

That makes it a winner out of everything I've tried here. NU is available in 20 shades. If you're struggling to find the perfect solution, consider trying NARS Light Reflecting Foundation, £39 and available in 36 styles.

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop Blurring Complexion, £27, £21.60. Eaze Drop has the largest color range on this list (25 colors, in case you were wondering). I've heard good things about this shade, specifically that it's not drying,

doesn't discolor after a few hours, and doesn't build up into fine lines.

The coverage is impressive yet feels feather-light. It glides over my pores and blemishes and doesn't require much blending to be perfect.

I tested its performance while riding the subway and shopping, but it was beaten after just a few hours. When I took a closer look at home, I noticed that my skin was developing spots in typically oily areas, such as my chin

and forehead.

However, I love the simplicity of it and the convenient squeeze bottle, so I'll probably pair it with a bit of concealer for extra coverage and a very light layer of powder to make everything stay on longer. Trinny London BFF

Stress Reducing Tinted Serum, £39

BFF De-Stress has a richer texture than a serum. I compared it to a tinted moisturizer, which soothes the skin and provides medium coverage. I rotate this into my makeup routine and save it for a few days when I take a short

break or have a Zoom call.

A small pump does a great job of covering redness and other blemishes like breakouts and leaves skin glowing in all the right places. Even better, it contains antioxidants that protect skin from environmental molecules that,

like pollution, can cause damage and dullness.

The website offers a helpful color finder from "lightest" to "darkest," but the selection is pretty sparse. Terry Cellularose CC Serum, £61. At first glance, this looks a lot like Charlotte Tilbury's Flawless Filter (£39) - a

face brightener used by TikTokers to brighten their complexion.

This version features the same light-reflecting pigments designed to even out skin tone, reduce redness and conceal dark spots. While it gave my skin a beautiful, subtle glow, it fell flat on me. As you can see in my selfie, it

did nothing to hide my red spots or make my skin look flawless.

At £61 it's not cheap and I expected more for the price. Instead, I recommend mixing a few drops with medium-coverage foundation to create a healthy-looking glow. Or try Versed Mood Lighting Luminizing Glow Drops, £16.50.

Pearlescent pigments blur skin texture and redness and look stunning when used alone with moisturizer.

Kevyn Aucoin Peel Off Nude Complexion, £38 I'm actually on my second tube of this stuff - it's so good. Like YSL's NU, it radiates light and stays put even on sweaty days. The coverage is higher than other shades on this list,

so it doesn’t look quite right on its own.

I combine it with a bit of blush or bronzer to bring color and dimension back to my skin. Disappointingly, there are only 10 colors to choose from. If you're having trouble, check out Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturizer Natural

Skin Perfector, £37. Florence by Mills Like A Light Skin Tint, £9 This shade collects many different reviews online. Some users don't like the smell, but I honestly didn't notice it.

I love that it makes my skin glow (that's the oil), but it's not the best choice for mixed and acne-prone types in the long run. If you have dry skin, you'll love this. It adhered to my skin better than the Eaze Drop, but

discolored quickly. Therefore, you may want to choose a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone.

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