I Tried Kiehl's Liquid Acne Patches to Solve My Hormonal Issues

I have acne. For example, I have a lot of acne. I've been valiantly battling horrible hormonal acne since I was 22, so this isn't a review from someone who gets breakouts every year.

This is a comment from someone who has two-month-old cysts on either side of her chin, like Urusula and her eel friend in The Little Mermaid. (Even shooting a dermatologist couldn't kill it.)

My acne journey is a long story that I won't bore you with here, but CliffsNotes says my treatment options included actively trying to conceive Pretty limited, so I've been dealing with almost permanent acne on my chin. It

sucks, but the upside is that I really know a lot about acne treatments.

I love the idea of ​​acne patches. They're so cute, fun, and silly that they actually encourage you to smile and laugh when you get a breakout, which is probably a good thing if you've been crying about your skin for days.

However, they weren't particularly effective on my particular type of acne, which is usually quite stubborn, deep-seated cysts and pustules. I've tried all sorts of topical products, serums, spot treatments and pretty much

everything else in my search, so Kiehl's True Targeted Acne Clearance Solution ($30) is definitely my go-to product—adding yet another viral hit TikTok quickly shot to the top of my list. The name piqued my interest the

brand promotes them as liquid acne patches, which feels a bit like trendy marketing language, but Kiehl's has long been one of the most popular and trusted skin care brands on the market, so I And I have seen the entire content

of acne disappear with this new introduction.

Product: A truly targeted acne clearing solution isn't really an acne patch in the traditional sense. It's not the shape of a cloud or a star, or an invisible sticker. The brand calls it "liquid patch technology," which creates

a "breathable seal" that you can apply under your sunscreen or makeup; in short, it's more like a serum than a spot treatment Or acne patches.

Formulated with up to 2% salicylic acid, this product reduces the size of pimples, calms redness, and helps fade the signs of breakouts after they clear up. Kiehl's also adds 4% Niacinamide to visibly brighten and balance skin, and 0.2% Licorice Root to soothe stress acne. The product claims to visibly lighten the color of pimples within two hours, reduce their size within 24 hours, and reduce the appearance of blemishes within four weeks. Sounds good, right? I tested it during a major midterm breakout to see if it could withstand the effects of prescription medications. my comment: Application is as easy as a topical treatment or acne patch. Kiehl's recommends placing a drop of product on your fingertips and applying directly to affected pimples, or applying a thin layer as the last step in your skincare routine. (Just don't rub too much!) Since I have a lot of active acne on my chin right now, I do two things: apply directly on some particularly nasty pustules, and apply a thin layer on my cyst buddies Thin coating. I know now not to expect magical results from anything related to my acne situation; I use a few prescription products to tide me over until I can resume my proven anti-acne regimen, and rarely Try any other product. I was mid-cycle when I tested this product, so the lower half of my face was extremely uncomfortable. I applied the liquid directly to several inflamed areas on my face, including a separate pimple on my upper lip and a subcutaneous cyst on my chin. Yes, these before and after photos still look pretty intense color-wise, but one thing I'm particularly impressed with is the acne clearing solution. After a few nights of use, two huge, stubborn cysts that wouldn't go away even after dermatologist injections looked and felt much smaller, as did the rest of my active acne-prone lower half of my face. , easier to cover with concealer. I may not have experienced a miraculous acne transformation where all my acne effectively disappeared overnight, but I wasn't expecting a miracle; I just wanted to see what this little bottle would do for my big breakouts. It left a deep impression.

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