Other Serums You Can Take Home - The Best Vitamin C I've Found

Other Serums You Can Take Home - The Best Vitamin C I've Found

If you've tried one vitamin C serum, you've tried them all, right? Incorrect. Even though it's my job to test products, I admit I'd largely forgotten about the bright orange and artificial lemon scent of the Vitamin C Serum.

After a while, they all became the same to me.

That doesn't mean I don't trust vitamin C as an ingredient. There are certainly high-quality formulas out there - I just think it's hard to find the right ones because vitamin C is a notoriously difficult ingredient to bottle; it oxidizes very quickly and loses its potency. That's exactly what Susanne Kaufmann achieves with her latest innovation, Vitamin C Complex. No frills, no fancy packaging, just good stuff inside. Namely, a lightweight yet effective serum that claims to brighten, moisturize, and renew skin over time. Of course, at £110 a bottle, you'd expect this stuff to work - but trust me, this stuff really does. Please read on for my thoughts.

Susanne Kaufmann Vitamin C Complex, £110

The luxury brand hails from Bregenzwald in the Austrian Alps, where Susanne Kaufmann (herself) and her family have lived for generations. Inspired by local wellness practices and a reverence for the region's botanical richness,

Susanne Kaufmann (the brand) was born in 2003. It's now one of the most luxurious beauty brands and is known for its comprehensive range of products that are both pampering and effective (the body butter is already one of my favorites, especially during the colder months).

Back to Vitamin C Complex. First off, it's sheer and lightweight - not greasy at all. It also has no noticeable odor, making it ideal for sensitive skin irritated by strong scents. In addition to vitamin C (in the form of 3-o-

ethylascorbic acid), Susanne Kaufmann's serum contains three mushrooms that have proven to be real beauty ingredients. It contains soothing albatross mushrooms, antioxidant-rich reishi mushrooms (which you may know as a popular health ingredient), and hydrating snow mushroom extract. The result is a gentle yet effective serum that brightens and hydrates.

Reversing any type of hyperpigmentation—acne scars, melasma, sun spots, etc.—takes time (like years), but in the month I've been testing this serum, I've already noticed a difference (even only slight differences). ) the glow and texture of my skin. I have oily skin and this serum really helps my skin feel balanced, hydrated and healthy. £110 does seem like a bit of a splurge, but I always recommend investing in serums and moisturizers (rather than cleansers) as they tend to be richer in active ingredients and stay on the skin longer. Plus, it's really unlike any other vitamin C serum I've tried because it's so lightweight and absorbs quickly. We love doing it (sorry, I just have to).

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