Our guide to plump skin

What does “plump skin” really mean? When we think of plump skin, we think of skin that looks beautiful, radiant, hydrated, and youthful, right?

Well, this has a lot to do with the moisture and collagen content of your skin. When skin is balanced, it feels soft, plump and helps eliminate fine lines.

With our busy schedules, it's easy to overlook and neglect our skin, but we want to change that. The right products and daily care can lead to plumper, healthy-looking skin. Self-care is the best investment, right?

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry, we’re here for you! What are the best ingredients for plumping skin care? When it comes to the best ingredients for plumping skin, you've come to the right place. Here, we’ll break

down all the important ingredients you need in your life!

Hyaluronic Acid – First and foremost is hyaluronic acid, the best ingredient for plumping skin. Hyaluronic acid improves skin's hydration and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin C – Its antioxidant properties make vitamin C a hero for enhancing skin radiance. If you suffer from dark spots or age spots, this ingredient can also help fade them for the ultimate natural glow.

Niacinamide – A favorite in skin care, niacinamide works with vitamin C to increase skin brightness and plumpness. Glycolic Acid – Glycolic acid, an AHA, is a chemical exfoliant used to promote cell regeneration and reduce

discoloration and signs of aging.

Simply put, if you want to maintain a plump, youthful appearance, glycolic acid is your go-to. Ceramides – By restoring the skin’s natural oil barrier, ceramides keep skin plump, hydrated and moisturized.

Peptides – Finally we have peptides. These are the building blocks needed for collagen production, which means peptides are important ingredients for firmer, plumper skin. Top tips for plump skin. With our top tips and must-try

products, plumper skin is just around the corner!

Tip 1 – Gently cleanse skin: For ultimate plump skin, a clean, exfoliating base is key. This allows the remaining skin care products to be absorbed effectively into the skin.

REVOLUTION SKINCARE Vitamin C Brightening Micellar Water is your answer! It's the perfect product to exfoliate and brighten your skin, enhancing your skin's natural glow.

Even better, this product is not only a great choice as a daily brightening toner, but it’s also a great makeup remover for enjoying clear skin!

Tip 2 – Serum works better: Serums absorb quickly and are great for treating specific skin concerns, depending on the ingredients you choose.

The lightweight formula is perfect for those with sensitive or oily skin, allowing you to get the benefits of a powerful formula without leaving a rich cream on your skin. There's a plumping serum to suit your skin of every age.

Serums for youthful skin: Whether you prefer a natural look or makeup, REVOLUTION SKINCARE Plumping Hydrating Serum is the perfect addition to hydrate and improve the appearance of youthful-looking skin.

This serum contains 2% hyaluronic acid to deliver the results you need to plump your skin. It draws moisture to the skin's surface, smoothing, soothing and relieving the tightness of dry skin.

Pro Tip: Use before foundation to help makeup glide onto beautiful, hydrated, plump skin. Don’t worry, this product offers an ultra-light oil-free solution that won’t leave you feeling greasy. Serum for mature skin

If you want to fight fine lines and wrinkles, REVOLUTION SKINCARE Stabilized Active Collagen Firming Solution is for you! Collagen is the star of the show, packed with beneficial ingredients that promote hydration.

Its amazing anti-aging properties reduce the appearance of fine lines and provide plumper skin. Just apply a few drops morning and night and your skin will feel softer, younger-looking - it's that simple!

Pro Tip: Want to double down on your moisturizer? On dry-skinned days, combine this serum with REVOLUTION SKINCARE HYDRATION BOOST for extra hydration. Tip 3 – How to get plump skin overnight? Don’t forget your afternoon routine

Do you prefer an overnight skin care routine that you can apply at night and forget about it? REVOLUTION SKINCARE Hyaluronic Acid Overnight Hydrating Mask is a quick and easy way to incorporate hyaluronic acid into your routine

once or twice a week. Other ingredients like sweet almond oil and vitamin E are also great additions for softer skin. How to use: Apply to entire face before bed, avoiding eye area. Wash off any residue in the morning.

Tip 4 – Don’t neglect your lips! Plump skin is nothing without hydrated lips. Our PRO RENEW Lip Conditioner is the perfect way to show some love to your lips. Leave them glowing all day long and enhance your appearance. Enriched

with gorgeous nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, castor oil, shea butter, and avocado oil, this conditioner leaves you with ultimate moisture and shine. Whether you use it as a lipstick base or wear it naturally, this

product will enhance your look while also ensuring the lipstick glides seamlessly onto your lips for a flawless pout.

Tip 5 – Why not add a skincare tool? Skin care tools are often overlooked and are a valuable addition to your skin care routine. They are the extra hands that get the most effective, efficient results from your products. Here,

we recommend two of our favorite products for plumping skin. Try a Facial Roller – First up we have one of our favorites, the REVOLUTION SKINCARE WHITE JADE Facial Roller. This tool helps you and your serum penetrate into

targeted areas of your face quickly and effectively. Regular use of a facial roller can help promote skin elasticity and plumpness. Try Gua Sha – Another favorite of ours is REVOLUTION SKINCARE JADE Gua Sha. This tool is

derived from traditional Chinese practices and is used to soothe and lift cheekbones and jawline. Focusing on these key areas will help increase blood flow to your skin, creating a healthy, youthful glow so your skin looks

brighter and plumper!

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