Regular ones are on sale, this is what beauty editors will buy

Are you ready for Black Friday on November 25th? It's hard not to be tempted by deep discounts and bargains, especially when it comes to beauty.

After all, it's the perfect opportunity to try out that new product you've been meaning to try or stock up on all the essentials. But every year, one big brand quits the hype altogether

Brands such as Niod and The Ordinary are part of DECIEM. This month, DECIEM is offering 23% off all of its products throughout November to encourage skincare lovers to shop slowly and carefully - and we have a feeling The

Ordinary's products will be some of the most popular.

So how much is your money really worth? From exfoliating acids to hydrating serums, click to shop the skincare products that long-time fans of The Ordinary, the R29 Beauty Team, highly recommend

If you notice breakouts and the marks on your skin left by acne, try this creamy serum. Recommended to me by a top dermatologist in London, it clears pores, minimizes hyperpigmentation and smoothes rough skin texture without

causing the typical irritation of most retinol products, such as: B. Skin pain and peeling.

This is a product I use time and time again. Remember to use SPF during the day, as retinoids can make skin sensitive to the sun.

Acid-based serums have replaced leave-in exfoliating toners, and this one always gets my support. Lactic acid is slightly milder than glycolic acid, but both are AHAs (or alpha hydroxy acids) that exfoliate the skin's surface

for brighter more even-toned skin.

This particular serum contains 10% lactic acid. Use it every other night (followed by moisturizer) for radiant skin. If you're new to acid, go for the 5% version as it's a little gentler on the skin.

Everyone is talking about the antioxidant ingredient ferulic acid’s power to protect against pollution and other environmental factors that cause dull skin.

The texture is a little thicker compared to other serums, but it moisturizes the skin well and is perfect for use under sunscreen. This is a great option if you're a city dweller and want to enhance your skin's protection

Ordinary's niacinamide serum often sells out, but I prefer the powder version because it gives you almost immediate results.

Mix a quarter of a teaspoon with a water-based moisturizer (I like Murad Clarifying Oil-Free Water Gel, £38) and massage into skin.

It reduces excess oil (my T-zone always looks dull at the end of the day), thereby reducing breakouts and minimizing the appearance of pores. Don't worry, the formula is not harsh or chalky at all.

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