Revolution's best skin care masks

When it comes to our most important skincare routine, face masks are a must-have when our skin needs an extra boost of energy.

At Revolution, we offer the best face masks for radiant skin that are guaranteed to take care of you and your skin. But with so many face masks to choose from, you might not know where to start.

Luckily, we've rounded up some of our favorite face masks that we absolutely swear by, including clay masks and sheet masks.

Whether you're looking for the best mask for sensitive skin or need a little extra hydration, Revolution has a top-quality mask for every skin concern. Discover Revolution's best face masks and how to use them. It's time to show

off your best skin!

What does a facial mask do? Masks can give your skin that extra boost of care when it needs it. Facial masks are also the perfect companion to your dream night.

But what benefits can we expect? Depending on the ingredients in the mask, these may: Moisturizes and moisturizes dry skin. Improve skin texture. Adjust excess oil. Help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Brighten dull skin. Reduce

large pores

Unclog pores. There are many reasons to incorporate a regular face mask into your skin care routine. But what is the best face mask for your skin? best facial mask

Say goodbye to your imperfections. If you're looking for the best face mask for acne, the REVOLUTION X FRIENDSMONICA Niacinamide Mask is perfect for you.

This purifying mask contains niacinamide, a vitamin that soothes breakouts, reduces redness, improves hydration, and smoothes and evens skin tone. How to use sheet mask

Unfold the mask and apply it on your face. Relax for 10-15 minutes while watching Netflix. Then remove the mask and rub the remaining serum into your skin. Allow to absorb for maximum skin care benefits.

Best mud mask. If you want to detoxify your skin and unclog your pores, a clay mask is your new best friend. REVOLUTION PINK CLAY Detoxifying Mask is formulated with seaweed extract and witch hazel to hydrate skin and soothe

problem areas.

This clay mask also removes impurities and absorbs excess oil for a clearer complexion. Hello healthy skin! How to use a clay mask

Apply an even layer to clean, dry skin. Leave on for up to 15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. This clay mask can be used 1-2 times a week.

Pro Tip: If you don’t like the mess, use the REVOLUTION Dual-Ended Mask Brush to apply your mask. The best charcoal face mask. Activated charcoal mask is one of the best skin cleansing masks.

Activated charcoal has absorbent properties that work wonders for your skin. This type of mask is ideal for people with oily or combination skin.

REVOLUTION SKINCARE Charcoal Purifying Mask showcases the superpowers of charcoal. Masks cleanse pores and leave your complexion clear. The formula with glycolic and lactic acids also ensures skin appears bright and radiant.

How to use activated charcoal mask. Use your fingers or the REVOLUTION Double-Ended Concealer Brush to apply an even layer to skin. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with warm water. best night mask

Night masks are great for those who prefer a little quieter sleep. If you're looking for a powerful skincare product that will boost your mood, look no further than an overnight mask. With variations suitable for all skin

concerns, night masks can help revive tired, dull and stressed skin.

Reveal your most hydrated skin with a hyaluronic acid mask. This hyaluronic acid-enriched treatment is a mask for radiant skin. Do you have trouble sleeping?

REVOLUTION SKINCARE Overnight Sleeping Mask ensures a healthier complexion and promotes deeper sleep. This overnight mask helps smooth, soothe and balance your complexion while you sleep, so you wake up with radiant skin. We

also love this night mask because it's packed with relaxing lavender. How to use night mask At the end of your skin care routine, apply an overnight mask after applying serum. Apply an appropriate amount to face and go to bed,

preparing for a more restful sleep and brighter skin. best hydrating face mask Wondering which facial mask is best for hydrated skin?

We recommend REVOLUTION X JAKE JAMIE Watermelon Moisturizing Mask. This Instagram-worthy mask is made with skin-loving ingredients, making it perfect for a pampering night. This mask is formulated with watermelon extract to

boost hydration, leaving skin hydrated and smelling like fresh watermelon! How to use moisturizing mask Apply the hydrating mask to clean skin. Let the super ingredients work for 10-15 minutes. Then massage the mask into your

skin for another 30 seconds and rinse off. You'll smell fruity and look fresh! Interested in multi-masking? Then discover our full range of face masks and stock up!

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