Smells Like Summer: The 6 Best Fragrances of the New Season

Where do you most want to go to escape the heat this summer? Maybe a villa on the southern coast of Italy, where the air smells of salt water, fresh lemons and floral scents?

Maybe a tropical island where you can laze on the beach with a cocktail? Or would you rather stay closer to home: a sun-drenched rose garden in late August?

Even if you're not jetting off this summer, the season's best new fragrances are ready to take you with you.

From light, airy and fresh to warm, spicy and heady, day or night, we've got them covered in our roundup of the best new fragrances for summer 2023.

It's best to wear your favorite summer clothes, read a new beach book, and sip a cold drink, whether you're by the pool or in the park. Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Media Cologne Intensive, £175

Imagine you are on vacation in southern Italy. It's golden hour, the windows are open, the summer breeze blows through the curtains and against your skin, and in the distance comes the sound of the waves and the sounds of

vacationers enjoying the sun.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian's latest creation transports you into this world thanks to herbal notes of Italian bergamot and green moss, combined with tangy verbena and sweet fennel, and a base of earthy patchouli and matcha.

To me, it smells almost lemony - like a lemon slice for an evening aperitif. Phlur Solar Eau De Parfum, £96. "Acid green, aquamarine/Girls dancing on the beach."

Like Lorde's song of the same name, Phlur's solar power manages to capture the joyous feeling of spending a whole day at the beach. How?

Top notes are Italian red mandarin, bergamot and jasmine essence, middle notes are neroli and neroli, and, most importantly, base notes are driftwood, sea salt and what the brand calls "solar musk."

After spraying, no matter where you are, you can enjoy the comfort of lying on the beach and letting the warm sun dry your limbs. The smell is said to intensify as body temperature rises. So apply it to the creases of your

knees and elbows for a longer-lasting, richer scent.

Diptyque Ilio Eau de Toilette, £125. I can't help but feel like the name of this fragrance reminds me of Elio from Call Me By Your Name, and for good reason.

Diptyque's newest scent combines notes of cactus, lavender and lemongrass to have us dreaming of hazy summer romance under European skies.

It's an eau de toilette, which means it has a lower concentration of essential oils and is lighter than an eau de toilette - perfect for those hot days when you can't bear to wear any clothes.

Plus, it comes in beautiful packaging with illustrations by American artist Erik Winkowski, inspired by the Mediterranean coast. Flower Street Sweet Almond Flower Eau de Parfum, £68

Calling all sweet scent lovers! Even those who generally don't like sugary smells will be pleasantly surprised by Flower Street's latest offering (I was, and I don't like anything too tasty).

Of course, they're also sweet - mostly thanks to a blend of apple blossom and creamy vanilla - but are tempered by spicy passion fruit and pink grapefruit (similar to grapefruit), earthy sandalwood and nutty tonka bean The sweetness.

Aerin Mediterranean Honeysuckle Clementina, £100 Pack your bags (figuratively speaking, of course); Erin takes us to the Amalfi Coast, where the heady scent of citrus fills the air. With a base of Corsican Clementine and the

warmth of jasmine and musk, this is the perfect summer fragrance for anyone looking for lightness, freshness and enthusiasm. Juliette's Desire for Sunshine Perfume, £95 If you're looking for a tropical vacation (or at least want

to evoke one), then the latest version of Juliet Got a Gun is perfect for you. Lust For Sun combines coconut with the floral notes of exotic ylang ylang and monoi oils (made primarily from tiare flowers). It's warm and sensual,

reminiscent of sun-kissed skin during golden hour.


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