The 5 Best Eyebrow Laminating Kits of 2023, According to Experts and Reviews

Not everyone is born with naturally straight, well-defined brows that keep falling in the right direction - so it's great that brow lamination kits have become such a big trend in recent years. That's why we talked to top

experts to get their best brow lamination tips. But first a quick explanation:

“Brow lamination is essentially a keratin smoothing treatment of brows,” says Alixandria Capperelli, esthetician, brow artist, and founder and owner of Hairy Little Things . "It achieves a perm effect by lifting the hair and

keeping it in place for six to eight weeks." It's essentially an extreme version of brow gel, she adds.

The best brow lamination kit. Laminating brows at a salon can be very expensive. So if it's not currently within your budget, the good news is that there's an easier version that can be done at home. Next, check out the best

brow lamination kits to help you achieve fuller brows.

What are the benefits of eyebrow lamination? Eyebrow lamination can realign hair growth and pattern after straightening.

Daria Nartov, founder and managing partner of Sugaring NYC, adds that since brows often grow in different directions, this treatment is great for making them more cohesive so you can shape them to make them look fuller or more Clear.

Plus, "there's the freedom to achieve different shapes without having to do something more permanent or semi-permanent, like microfeathering or microblading," Cappellelli says. How to Laminate Eyebrows at Home. Before you can do

that, you need to figure out how to place, brush, and shape your brows.

Nartov adds that you can try your form at any time since it's only temporary. However, you have to be careful. Since brow lamination uses strong chemicals (similar to bleaching your hair at home), the chemicals may burn off your

brows if left on too long. Plus, Cappellelli says, there's one ingredient you should avoid: formaldehyde.

So no matter which kit you buy, be sure to follow the instructions on the packaging. To be safe, you should leave the chemicals on your brows for a shorter time than recommended and see what results happen, Nartov says.

One final note: You may not need to wait five to six weeks before laminating again. Nartov gets it done every two to three weeks because she likes the fresh, feathery look. So it's up to you and your personal preference.

1. Aryana New York Brow Laminating Kit: The kit is highly rated and reviewed on Amazon, with over 2,600 reviews and an average of 4.2 stars. The five-step kit includes brow gel, perm, cleanser and more, as well as a brow brush.

It's cruelty-free, PETA certified, and reviewers got pretty good results.

Just look at the photos they post with glowing reviews.

Warm review: "After using this kit, my brows look incredible, visibly lifted and more defined. It's a game changer when you achieve a salon look in the comfort of your own home."

2. Miya Lash Professional Keratin Laminated Eyebrows: The set includes everything you need to achieve sculpted brow lamination: glue, lifting lotion, setting lotion, nourishing serum and cleanser, as well as ten micro brushes,

three Y-combs, five mascara brushes and five lip brushes external applicator.

Reviewers say the kit is easy to use and doesn't take long. Just make sure to follow the instructions. Warm review: "I'm speechless about how great this product is. Super easy to use, and it works...most of the time they charge

$100 for this in salons. Now, for only $30, I can do it myself. "

3. Clone Prime Lash Lift and Brow Laminating Kit: This cute and colorful kit lets you lift lashes and laminate brows at the same time - a two-in-one device. This is a great tool if you want to enhance your lashes and brows at

the same time. Reviewers say it's also quite powerful.

Passionate review: "I'm pleasantly surprised by the shape these gave me! I still need to fill in some naturally sparse areas, but I'm impressed with the difference!"

4. Sunsent Brow Laminating Kit: This is a great basic kit that comes with the necessary tools like cleansing, perming, styling, and nourishing solutions, and it's probably a little more minimalist than other options. Reviewers

say it's easy to use and effective.

Warm review: "If you're looking for a simple and effective solution to improve your brows, this kit is worth considering."

5. Gifkitty Lash and Brow Laminating Kit: This is another highly rated eyelash and brow lamination kit. What's special about this product is that in addition to the right step product, it also includes brow color. Therefore, if you are not sure whether you have the right eyebrow color, you should choose this model. Warm review: "Overall, this is a great product that works great and the shades are great. If you do it yourself, have everything ready - a timer, plastic wrap, and a brush." How We Choose the Best Brow Lamination Kit. Last month, Women's Health editors took a look at the best-selling, most popular, and top-rated brow lamination kits. Our team asked two brow experts for their opinions, then evaluated hundreds of customer reviews and ratings to narrow down the best brow lamination kits for every need and preference.

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