The 6 Best Retinol Body Lotions for Smoother, Firmer, Glowing Skin

Talk to a dermatologist or browse the #BeautyTok feed and it's hard not to come across the famous R-word. Yes, we're talking about retinol. "Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, is one of the best skin care ingredients for

improving skin texture and pigmentation," says dermatologist Dr. Davar Bhanusali.

“It exfoliates and promotes collagen synthesis, which tightens, brightens, smoothes and thickens the epidermis.” With retinol eye creams, creams, serums, and oils now claiming to be the best acne and Botox products in the

bottle, it was only a matter of time before the Dynamo ingredient became our favorite.

These formulas provide needed hydration while fighting stubborn breakouts, plumping fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing strawberry skin, and brightening hyperpigmentation and age spots that may appear below the neck.

The best retinol body lotions can even help reduce the appearance of unwanted cellulite on your thighs and buttocks. (It's bikini season, which is a blessing.)

While the only downside to this versatile ingredient is that it can irritate sensitive skin, don't worry, there are many top retinol moisturizers that are gentle on reactive skin.

If you haven’t invested yet, we’re about to rock your world. Shop the 11 best retinol body lotions below to give you the most nourished, glowing skin, according to dermatologists, ELLE editors, and thousands of satisfied

customers who have tested the products.

1. NatureWell Clinical Retinol Advanced Moisturizer: With more than 9,000 positive reviews, dozens of shoppers rave about this retinol body lotion for mature skin.

Customers love its lightweight texture and note that it effectively reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and age spots without causing irritation.

The key to its magical power lies in microencapsulated retinyl palmitate (a slow-release, mild retinol), brightening grapeseed oil, and a variety of juicy moisturizers like coconut oil and glycerin.

One Amazon reviewer said: "I used it every night for about a month. I'm 72. My skin became smoother and it helped fade my dark spots until they were no longer visible.

The skin is also a little tighter, but it doesn’t look like a plastic surgery. It just looks natural. I will continue to use this product. It’s very valuable.” Main ingredients: retinyl palmitate, grape seed oil, coconut oil, glycerin

2. Advanced Clinicals Retinol Moisturizer: More than 46,000 customers give this firming lotion five-star reviews, especially for its cellulite-fighting benefits. This fragrance-free cream combines powerful retinol and caffeine

to firm skin, along with aloe vera, chamomile, glycerin and green tea to plump and hydrate.

One Amazon reviewer said: "I'm 24 and bought this product to treat stretch marks. So much less within a week!! Then I used it to get rid of cellulite and wow my skin is so smooth now Elastic and smooth. Best of all, I had an

old scar that was purple and ugly and after four applications it was gone!

This recipe is a godsend!!! It's so good! I will be using it for the rest of my life .” Key Ingredients: Retinol, Caffeine, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Glycerin, Green Tea and Ferulic Acid

3. Gold Bond Age Renew Retinol Overnight Body Lotion and Face Lotion: This nighttime lotion from classic drugstore brand Gold Bond is another affordable option designed to tone and tighten your skin while you sleep.

In addition to retinol, it contains a blend of seven hydrating ingredients, three vitamins, and plumping peptides to keep skin supple and supple. The proof is in the pudding. In clinical studies, 93% of users noticed visibly

smoother skin after just three days.

"It's a thick cream, so I sometimes use it with urea lotion in the summer to make it easier to apply," says one Amazon reviewer. After a few weeks, I noticed a difference in the texture of my skin Improvement, dark spots also

faded on arms and legs. No irritation issues. I recommend. "

Main ingredients: peptide, glycerin, squalane, shea butter, nicotinamide (vitamin B3), urea. 4. Press "Restart" after you are proficient. PhD. Bhanusali loves this affordable retinol body lotion because it's packed with highly

nourishing ingredients squalane and cocoa butter.

It's also a favorite of ELLE beauty editor Margaux Anbouba, who adds that it's a great entry-level option. "When the first retinol body lotion came out, I was hesitant," she says.

"When I started using retinol to soften wrinkles, my face went through a rigorous exfoliation and cleansing treatment, and I didn't want that to happen to my entire body. But this moisturizer contains 0.1% retinol Skin Lotion

doesn't cause any of these unpleasant side effects.

Instead, it leaves you feeling soft and hydrated while providing all the firming and smoothing benefits you want."

Main ingredients: Retinol, cocoa butter, squalane, vitamin E

5. Medix 5.5 Retinol Body Lotion

Even though it's priced under $16, this retinol body lotion packs a punch in terms of quality. It has over 14,500 four- and five-star reviews on Amazon. Buyers say the product "really works" on issues like wrinkles, dark spots

and bumps associated with keratosis pilaris. The addition of ferulic acid and vitamin E makes it an effective cocktail to combat hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. Additionally, green tea, shea butter, and chamomile moisturize and reduce redness.

One Amazon reviewer says, "I have dry skin and keratosis pilaris on the backs of my arms and thighs...but, that was until I started using this retinol cream." I have expensive essential oils, concentrated Countless brands of

thick creams, body mousses, scrubs and cleansers have been used but this cream is the best.With this product, the backs of my arms and legs became smooth, and the tops of my thighs, which were always dry for some reason, are

now soft and smooth. It's now a staple in my skincare arsenal. "

Key Ingredients: Retinol, Ferulic Acid, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Shea Butter and Chamomile

6. Beauty Pie Youth Bomb Body 360° Repair Concentrate

If you want to get the most out of your retinol body lotion, look no further than Beauty Pie's Youthbomb Concentrate. Literally, it was developed by a world-renowned London dermatologist, one of Dr. Marcus. This multi-benefit formula contains a unique complex of 2% granulated active retinol (shown to be as effective as retinol but less irritating) and niacinamide to help brighten, plump and Strengthens the skin barrier. Gentle chemical exfoliants like glycolic acid are also included, along with nourishing shea butter and glycerin and soothing allantoin to promote a smooth and balanced complexion. Main ingredients: granular active retinol, niacinamide, shea butter, glycerin, glycolic acid

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