This Cool Hemp Skin Care Line Is a Hot-Weather Tip

This Cool Hemp Skin Care Line Is a Hot-Weather Tip

Your skin care routine may need to adapt to the heat and sun of midsummer. For me, that means swapping out heavy creams for lighter formulas, or opting for products with skin-cooling ingredients—coincidentally, I've found the

holy grail of hot-weather moisturizers at Hey Bud. This Australian skincare brand is known for its use of hemp seed oil as a key ingredient in its range, which not only helps relieve conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis,

but due to the oil's high omega-3 content and essential omega-3 content, Also supports collagen production. 6-Fatty acids. If you want to try Hey Bud products for yourself, the brand is offering R29 readers an exclusive 15%

sitewide discount with code REFINERY29 until November 7, 2022.

While cruelty-free brand Hey Bud offers a range of products, from foaming cleansers to wearable masks (you can read our shopping writer Mercedes Viera's review of the clay mask here ), I wanted to start my own hemp skincare

product journey Very simple entry level product to carry. These include Niacinamide + Hemp Serum and Hemp Gel Moisturizer, which are also the latest additions to the Hey Bud family. I already use serum and moisturizer in the

morning and evening as part of my routine. routine (usually these are the only two skincare products I use), so the transition to Hey Bud is seamless.

Hey Bud 10% Niacinamide + Hemp Extract, £25.62

I have never used a skincare product with niacinamide as a main ingredient, but the benefits of applying it to your face are many. Also known as vitamin B3, this micronutrient helps balance oil production (read: acne) and can

reduce spots and blemishes. It is used to promote the production of elastin and ceramides, making skin look plumper, radiant, and younger.

I've previously used hemp lotions after workouts to relax and cool my muscles, so using this hemp seed oil serum works particularly well as a summer face product: It moisturizes and soothes my overheated face. It's also very

lightweight, highly absorbent and leaves no residue. After cleansing my face as usual, I put two pumps of Niacinamide + Hemp Serum into the palm of my hand, dab and press onto my cheeks, forehead, and mouth areas, areas that I

typically notice dryness and/or over time Leave the reddened area in the sun.

Hey Bud Hemp Gel Moisturizer, £25.62

The serum is followed by a gel moisturizer which helps me seal everything in. This product is rich in essential nutrients and is ideal for people who are active and live in humid climates. The formula is as lightweight as a

serum, which means it allows my face to breathe freely, doesn't clog my pores, and doesn't melt immediately when I sweat a lot. I especially like this moisturizer as a post-workout treatment because the blend of aloe vera,

cucumber, green tea, and grapefruit extracts soothes my face during the day—which is especially helpful when I've been outside for a little too long. , forget to reapply sunscreen (this happens all the time).

My only complaint - and I admit this is entirely subjective - is that the smell of hemp seed oil products isn't exactly to my liking, although I know people who enjoy these unique scents. As a relative newbie to cannabis and CBD

beauty products, I admit that these ingredients are an acquired taste and take some getting used to. On the plus side, the smell of marijuana after using the product is very subtle—no one around me can smell it. All in all, if

you're looking for a way to take the stress out of your skincare routine during the hotter months, consider switching to hemp seed oil products seasonally. And ICYMI, use our exclusive 15% discount code REFINERY29 to get the

radiant complexion you deserve.

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