What is glycolic acid? The Cosmetic Scientist's Guide

It’s time to put away the facial scrubs and say goodbye to manual exfoliants. We’re here to introduce you to the new exfoliating wonder: glycolic acid!

Not sure what it is or what it does? Don’t worry, we’ll answer all your tough questions, including “What is glycolic acid?”, “What does glycolic acid do for skin?”, and “How to use glycolic acid?”.

Get ready? Here’s everything you need to know about glycolic acid for your skin… What is glycolic acid? Glycolic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (or AHA) extracted from sugar cane.

Of all the AHAs used in skin care, ethylene glycol has the lowest molecular weight, which means it easily penetrates the top layers of the skin and is very effective.

What does glycolic acid do to the skin? You've probably heard of this favorite skin care product, but what exactly does glycolic acid do? Check out these benefits of glycolic acid for skin:

Benefits of Glycolic Acid: Exfoliation – helps remove dead cells from the top layer of skin, ensuring a radiant, beautiful complexion. Its molecules are smaller than other AHAs, which means it can penetrate deeper into pores and

remove dirt and impurities there.

Anti-Aging – Collagen is a protein responsible for keeping skin plump and firm. Therefore, glycolic acid is considered a key ingredient in anti-aging skin care as it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Suitable for All Skin Types - Glycolic acid is good for all skin types as long as you understand the strength of the formula you are using! As a rule of thumb, if you have sensitive skin, start with a lower ratio of formula and

work your way up to avoid irritation.

Ease of Use – Once reserved for sophisticated spa treatments, glycolic acid is now found in countless at-home products, many of which are suitable for everyday use.

Would you like to try glycolic acid for yourself? We'll show you how to use glycolic acid and recommend some of the best REVOLUTION SKINCARE products to incorporate into your routine.

How to use glycolic acid: Depending on your skin type and personal preferences, there are a number of super easy ways to incorporate glycolic acid into your skin care routine.

Due to their exfoliating properties, it is generally recommended to avoid manual scrubs and scrubs, as using either can be too harsh on the skin.

Expert tip: Glycolic acid can also make skin more susceptible to sun damage. Therefore, even on cloudy days, always use sun protection! Best Glycolic Acid Skin Care Products.

Simply add one of these revolutionary skin care products to your daily regimen and you can enjoy all the benefits of fresh, refreshed skin and achieve a beautiful, healthy complexion.

1. The Best Glycolic Acid Cleanser: REVOLUTION SKINCARE Glycolic Glow Mud Cleanser is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of glycolic acid.

This gentle yet deep-cleansing skincare product not only removes excess oil and dirt with super-absorbent kaolin clay, it also exfoliates to leave skin with a beautiful glow.

Use Glycolic Acid Face Wash as a second evening cleanse to remove the day's impurities, or as a morning cleanse to prepare skin for the day ahead. How to use: Massage onto damp face, avoiding eye area, then rinse and pat dry.

2. The Best At-Home Glycolic Acid Facials: Glycolic acid is often a popular ingredient in spa treatments and facials—but who has time to go to the salon every week? Revolution Skincare is here to help with our Glycolic Glossy Polish.

Our at-home facials are designed to be used 2-3 times per week and help remove dead skin cells while boosting hydration. In addition to glycolic acid, it's blended with hydrated silica particles (microplastic-free, no worries)

and panthenol to exfoliate your skin and keep it soft, smooth.

How to use: Apply to damp skin after cleansing. Massage gently in circular motions, avoiding eye area. Rinse with warm water.

3. The Best Glycolic Acid Toner: For a more concentrated dose of glycolic acid, try REVOLUTION SKINCARE GLYCOLIC ACID GLOW POISHER.

Nourish your skin with this energizing tonic after cleansing and before moisturizing. Glycolic acid exfoliates, ginseng brightens and provides antioxidants, aloe vera soothes, and witch hazel tightens pores—it’s the complete

package! How to use: Pour glycolic acid toner onto a cotton pad and apply to entire face. We recommend that you wear sunscreen when using this toner as it may increase skin sensitivity and risk of sunburn. 4. Best Glycolic Acid Serum Do you want a powerful glycolic acid product? Try REVOLUTION SKINCARE 10% Glycolic Acid Glow Serum! Our clear night serum is super absorbent, absorbing quickly into the skin and delivering its powerful exfoliating benefits. It also helps balance the skin’s pH and gradually reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. Due to the higher concentration of AHAs, we do not recommend this if you have sensitive skin. How to use: Just a few drops of this highly concentrated glycolic acid serum works every night. Apply to face with fingertips, allow to be absorbed, then continue with the rest of your skin care routine. 5. The Best Glycolic Acid Night Cream Finally, if you want a nighttime treatment, we recommend REVOLUTION SKINCARE GLYCOLIC ACID GLOW OVERNIGHT CREAM. Not only is our Brightening Night Cream packed with hydrating squalane and allantoin (both great for soothing dry skin), but glycolic acid also gently removes the top layer of dead cells, leaving skin radiant and healthy-looking in the morning. How to use: End your evening skincare routine by applying a thin layer of Glycolic Acid Night Cream to your face. Use a circular motion to ensure even coverage.

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