What is skin cleansing?

The term "skin clearing" sounds like something from a horror movie, but it's not as scary and cruel as it seems! Whether you're here to learn the difference between clear skin and breakouts, or to learn what clear skin really

means, the team at REVOLUTION SKINCARE is here to tell you all! What is skin cleansing? Let's start with the basics. Skin clearing refers to the reaction of certain skin to certain products, usually chemical peels such as

retinol and salicylic acid, among others. This temporary reaction causes the pores on the skin's surface to become clogged, leading to the formation of spots and pimples.

What causes clear skin?

Chemical peels loosen dead skin cells, ensuring faster skin renewal. Without the help of exfoliating skin care products, skin cells naturally renew themselves approximately every 28 days. Products like retinoids and AHA/BHA

speed up this process by moving sebum, dirt, and bacteria from the pores to the skin's surface more quickly, leading to acne-like blemishes.

Once the skin is clear of all congestion, it can begin to produce new cells, making the skin look clearer and younger. This is the science behind skin cleansing! Pro tip: Invest in some of our favorite chemical exfoliants that

work wonders for unclogging pores.

Slowly introduce these powerful ingredients into your daily routine to limit irritation: What does clear skin look like? In many cases, these acne symptoms often linger under the skin for several weeks before appearing.

The clearing of the skin caused by chemical peels accelerates the natural process of clearing clogged pores by causing them to appear earlier than they would naturally occur.

How long does it take to cleanse the skin?

Skin cleansing is a temporary process. It usually takes a full skin cycle (four to six weeks) to get over the worst of it. How to tell the difference between clear skin and acne

While introducing new products into your skin care routine can clear your skin, it can also cause normal rashes. Here are some factors to consider when trying to tell the difference:

Blemish Lifespan – How long will the blemish or rash last?

Acne caused by clean skin has a shorter lifespan and usually disappears faster than normal acne. If you use products known to detoxify your skin but your rash lasts longer than four to six weeks, your skin may worsen.

Location of blemishes – Skin cleansing will often create blemishes in areas where you typically suffer from acne. If you start using a new product and it causes irritation in other areas, it's unlikely that this is due to clear


Other Active Ingredients – If you launch a new product that isn’t typically known for its acne-fighting properties, you may end up with recurring acne breakouts. As mentioned before, skin cleansing is often required when using

retinol, salicylic acid, and other chemical peels.

If your skin still has blemishes for other reasons, it could be a normal rash. Is skin cleansing good or bad? Even if the side effects of skin cleansing are temporary discomfort, that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

If your skin is clear after a chemical peel, it's a good sign that your product is doing its job, helping to regenerate skin cells and reveal a radiant, clearer complexion. How to deal with skin cleansing issues

Annoyingly enough, the best way to deal with detoxified skin is to ride it out. Remember, skin cleansing is a temporary process that usually lasts no longer than a month.

However, there are some tips and tricks to help you cope: Slowly introduce new products into your daily life. If this is your first time using a chemical peel, start with using it once a week the first week, twice a week the

second week, and so on (depending on how sensitive your skin is). Resist the urge to pop and pick! As with normal acne, popping the acne won't improve it. It may only prolong the skin cleansing process and may lead to acne

scarring. Treat clear skin as you would regular acne. This includes daily cleansing, using soothing products to reduce inflammation, and keeping your skin moisturized. Check out some of our favorite products for treating acne

caused by clear skin and other causes:

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