Meet the 2023 Women’s Health Skincare Awards Winners

Meet the 2023 Women’s Health Skincare Awards Winners

In some ways, we're living in a golden age of skin care. With just a few clicks, you can discover hundreds of new products that promise to resurface, renew, filter, shine, glaze, and more, and receive a box full of dopamine hits

tomorrow. But we know the story usually ends with disappointment, even anger, at a less-than-ideal outcome.

In fact, the most effective skin care routines are simple and strategic. For a lifetime of healthy skin, dermatologists recommend prioritizing three things that shouldn't be overlooked: moisturizer, a gentle cleanser, and

sunscreen. After that, the key is to find targeted treatments with proven ingredients to help skin thrive from head to toe.

That's why we're pulling out all the stops at the annual Women's Health Skin Care Awards to bring you a concise list of powerful staples and innovative add-ons, all reviewed and vetted by world-class experts, including top

dermatologists , beauticians and the brave WH Beauty team. When you need to improve, add, or tweak your own skin care routine, look to these winners. After all, you don’t live in a bubble; Skin goals and needs are constantly

changing. You may want to switch to a delicate formula in the winter. Or boost your sense of well-being with an effective serum after your birthday.

Read on to learn the insider tips our professionals use and recommend to their patients and clients. If you're a newbie, a minimalist, a skin influencer, or somewhere in between, rest assured you can "Add to Cart" with peace of mind.

How we select winners

Women's Health editors consulted with many leading skin care experts (including dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and estheticians) to find the top skin care products for various skin types, such as: B. Sensitive, acne-prone,

and Mature skin. After thoroughly researching and reviewing each submission, our team of beauty editors and experts select the best products for face, body, eyes and lips.

1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream

"As someone with oily T-zone, I'm a big fan of oil-free water-based moisturizers. This cream is lightweight and feels refreshing on the skin, but doesn't have the super-thin, watery feel of many other gel moisturizers. It's

light enough But still hydrating. —Jackson

2. Vichy Minerals 89 Facial Serum

"A hydrating, non-sticky formula that feels lightweight on the skin. HA hydrates the skin by drawing water into the skin and acting as a moisturizer. Generally well tolerated by all skin types and is not truly acidic." — Dr. Ugo

3. May Lindstrom Honey Mud

"This isn't your average clay mask, it doesn't leave you feeling dry, tight or irritated, it does the exact opposite, leaving skin clean and silky smooth like an at-home product. She does it." This is done by applying the

refinement Porous White Halloysite Clay is a completely delicious blend of raw organic honey, silver, vegetable oils and mild enzymatic acids. This is the closest thing to what your skin will feel like after a professional

tooth extraction. "- hand

4. Skinbetter Science Sunbetter SHEER SPF 56 Sunscreen Stick

"It provides effective sun protection in a lightweight, clear and easy-to-apply stick. It applies gently and blends perfectly into the skin without leaving any white residue or sunscreen smell. It is also water-resistant up to

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