The Best Facial Tools for Sculpting, Lifting, Pumping, and More

Whether you're looking to tone, brighten, treat acne, or just cleanse your face, there's a tool for you. Let's face it: When it comes to giving you the radiant, even-toned complexion you could ever want nothing beats in-office

peels, powerful lasers, and beautiful facials. But treatments and surgeries often require an investment of time and money, which can be prohibitive.

That said, you can’t ignore the role that at-home facial care devices play in your overall skin care routine. "At-home tools and devices are not only a great addition to a comprehensive skin care routine they are also an

effective way to maintain care between in-office treatments," says esthetician Rachel Chambers. "In addition to their individual benefits, many products can ensure your products penetrate more effectively and prolong the effects

of treatments like lasers and injectables."

They are also a great option for those who cannot have in-office surgery. The market for skin care devices has exploded in recent years, and there's likely a tool or tools that are right for your personal skin goals.

If you’re a “less is more” type of person, that’s okay too. There are many low-fidelity options that work equally well on swollen and sagging skin. Are you ready to find the ideal facial tool or skin care device?

Read on to learn about the tools that pros recommend and even you use yourself. Is there really a better promise of trust?

1. NuFACE TRINITY+ Starter Kit: Loretta Ciraldo, MD, FAAD, board-certified dermatologist and founder of Dr. Loretta praises the microcurrent technology for improving skin contours tone, facial lines and superficial

wrinkles—basically everything you need for a well-groomed face. By far the most popular model among her patients is the NuFace.

“Both home and office devices work by delivering electrical current to the skin, stimulating cell renewal,” says Dr. Siraldo. "Microcurrent devices at home provide less energy than in-office treatments.

At-home devices produce the best results when used for about five minutes a day. If you use the device more frequently at home, you may see noticeable improvements similar to those seen with in-office devices. .”

Warm review: "Awesome. Tightened my face and made it look so much younger. I would highly recommend it."

2. SolaWave 4-in-1 Facial Stick: A wand-like tool that you use to glide across your face in sweeping motions—just like you would shave with a razor—the SolaWave tops many estheticians’ recommendation lists (and is the 2023

Women’s Winner of the Health and Beauty Award) ). boat) due to its versatile use and price under $150. "It uses four different modalities: red light therapy, electrical current, facial massage and therapeutic heat,"

Chambers said. “All this combined means it helps smooth fine lines, smooth and tone the skin, reduce puffiness and increase skin radiance.”

However, don't expect a glow overnight; the device works but Chambers says it will take some time before you see the fruits of your labor. However, using it as directed only takes about three to five minutes a day, three times

a week making it perfect for low-maintenance types or beauty tool beginners. It also turns on on contact with skin, making it very user-friendly. For that reason, Chambers appreciates SolaWave's weightlessness and portability

but notes that its small size means its battery life isn't very good. If you travel with it, remember to bring the charger. "It's also fragile, so it can easily break if dropped," she added.

Passionate review: "I love this wand. I've been using it for a few months and noticed improvements after just a few weeks. It has become [part of] my morning meditation!"

3. Savage Queen Stone Gua Sha Facial Tool: For all your lo-fi lifting, sculpting, and de-puffing needs, you can't go wrong with any gua sha tool, but Chambers is partial to Savage Beauty's Queen Stone.

This is because it combines five different edges in a compact form; depending on the surface you use, you can target different areas of your face more effectively. For example, the U-shaped edge is perfect for stroking along the

jawline while the combed edge is designed to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. There's also a tip for acupressure and a short blade for treating the eye area and sinuses. In addition to thoughtful design Chambers is also passionate about material construction. “It is sustainably sourced from meteorite, which is known for its healing properties,” she said. "Used regularly, it can soften fine lines, define jawline, shrink pores and plump skin." Warm review: "It's so relaxing to do this in the morning and I can already see a change in my facial structure; my cheekbones are now more defined and my jawline is more defined than before. This stone feels so nice to the touch. "Hand, I also like how big it is. 4. Sonäge Frioz Hockey Ball Facial Massager. Don't underestimate the impact a simple hand roller can have on your skin especially if you're getting ready for a big event or have had an epic night and want to do some damage control. Of course, the effects of jade and ice rollers are temporary, but they're a great pick-me-up when your skin looks like it needs an extra TLC. Nationally board-certified dermatologist Nazanin Saedi, MD, FAAD, likes Sonäge’s ice cream balls best. "For a quick, temporary solution to puffiness, especially around the eyes, try this," she says. "Put it in the refrigerator and gently massage it into your face to stimulate circulation. This helps temporarily reduce swelling and inflammation and tighten pores." Although the roller does not emit electricity or produce anything other than mechanical energy, the technology is still important for getting the best results, especially if you store the tool in the refrigerator or freezer for cold applications. "It's important to remember that extreme cold can irritate or burn the skin. So when using a facial massager, keep the device moving," adds Dr. Sadie added. "You can also use a serum or moisturizer to help it glide on the skin." Passionate review: "These balls are awesome! Not only do they get rid of swelling, but they also help relieve sinus headaches." 5. FOREO LUNA™ Mini 3 Midnight: If you want extra cleaning power beyond a washcloth or hands, FOREO's device comes highly recommended by dermatologists and estheticians alike. Chambers particularly likes the Luna Mini 3 because of its compact, gym-bag-friendly size and more competitive price (the brand's larger device costs more than $279, but has more built-in features overall). "It works great at removing dirt, oil, and makeup while promoting circulation and lymphatic drainage," says Chambers. "I also really appreciate that it's made from antibacterial silicone, so you can be sure it's completely hygienic." The Luna Mini only has two modes: cleaning mode and a "glow-boosting" cleaning mode, which turns off after 30 seconds and is designed for a really quick fix. While their function is simple, the bristles can improve skin tone by removing stubborn makeup and lightly exfoliating. The only real drawback? "Some people find it has an odd shape and makes it difficult to reach all areas of the face," says Chambers. "I've also heard that some people feel that the user app isn't particularly user-friendly." However, once paired with the app, this particular device can be used without the app, according to FOREO. Warm review: "This is ideal. Great for home use and great for traveling. Gentle on the skin and doesn't hold makeup and dirt easily. Leaves my skin super smooth and fresh. I really like this brush." 6. PureLift Lab Pure Lift Face: Want to reduce the appearance of crow's feet, those fine lines that appear as we age and unfortunately seem to pop up when you smile? Again, a microcurrent machine may be your best option for tackling this stubborn spot, and Chambers is a fan of FaceGym's best-selling PureLift, which specifically targets the eye area. "I especially noticed that when used regularly, PureLift really helped soften the appearance of fine lines around the eyes," says Chambers. This may be partly due to the device's ability to lift and tighten the underlying facial muscles, not just the skin itself. Remember: less is more; you never want to overtreat this sensitive area. Passionate review: "I've been wanting to buy this product for a long time and finally got it! You can see immediate changes, but I'm most excited about the long-term results." 7. Artistic & Co. Miss Arrivo Ghost: For at-home facials, Chambers recommends Artistic & Co's. Miss Arrivo The Wraith is a handheld tool made of steel and plastic that comes with different heads or attachments for different uses. “It’s an all-in-one device that offers three modes,” Chambers said. “It cleans thoroughly, uses patented MFIP technology that combines EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation), spaced pulses and radiofrequency for firming and shaping, and can emit three different LED lights.” Chambers likes the tool's power and versatility, but admits you might be shocked considering its price. This means it can actually do the job of multiple products. “With just one device, you can deep cleanse, sculpt, tone and stimulate collagen, and choose one of three LED light therapies to suit your specific skin type,” she says. This tool can also be used before product application to achieve better skin penetration of active ingredients. 8. Solawave anti-wrinkle and anti-bacterial phototherapy mask: "If you've ever scrolled through Instagram or TikTok, you've probably seen this mask multiple times," says Dr. Saedi introduces this trendy pink silicone mask for your face. "This mask is a treat, but it's FDA-approved and, when used regularly, can help reduce inflammation and acne with blue light therapy, which targets and reduces acne-causing bacteria." It's incredibly easy to operate: just charge your baby, hold it on your face for ten minutes, and sit until it turns off automatically. Besides cost, what's the biggest drawback? "As with any anti-acne skin care routine, you need to stick with it consistently—it can take eight to 12 weeks to see results," says Dr. Sadie. “If you’re not committed to the process, it’s probably not worth the effort.” Warm review: "If you use it consistently and follow good habits, it does its job correctly and really delivers all the anti-aging benefits to make skin glow, renew and rejuvenate." jawline while the combed edge is designed to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. There's also a tip for acupressure and a short blade for treating the eye area and sinuses.

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